I was looking at my refrigerator this morning an I realized I have some amazing little kid pictures of Ryan and I up there.  So I decided to scan them in and share them with you guys.

I have always been a daddy’s little girl.  I used to have a picture of my dad lying under a car fixing it and I’m right there beside him poking around with a screwdriver.  I don’t have it anymore because I put it in a frame that said fix it all dad and gave it to him for Father’s Day a few years ago.  Maybe I can steal it back and copy it…. hummm we shall see…..

Anyway here is the first picture.  Mom says I used to follow him around everywhere even mowing the lawn…..

This next picture serves a two fold purpose.  I have been talking about Ryan getting his bike the last few days and I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m so excited.  I don’t get to ride it around.  Well the reason is that I have been around bikes my whole life.  My dad has always had them.  He used to take me over to my friends houses on his motorcycle it has just always something I’ve been around and I’m used to it.  And yes I have been in wrecks.  Two in one day once.  Thats an iteresting story for another time….. Dad has also owned fourtracks.  He taught me how to drive a fourtrack when I was about 9.  That is a good story remind me to tell you about it sometime too. Anyway……..

So my husband having one just seems like a natural progression.  We are already planning to take a bike ride up to Payson with my Mom and Dad  in the fall.  It’s just another thing we can do together.  I can’t wait!  How cool is it that my parents are our friends?

So here is the picture for you.  My mom says that this day I was sick and crying this day and they didn’t know what to do with me.  So they put me in one of my dad’s fireman shirts and he took me out and put me on the bike.  Obviously it did the trick!  I think I was about two here.  Don’t you love the pig tails oh and the bangs?

Okay enough about me.  I want to also give you a few pictures of Ryan when he was little too. 

This next one is actually a picture of him when he was in second grade.  This is the little boy I feel head over heels in love with as a little girl.  This is the little boy I remember like yesterday when I think of us as kids.  And even though you can’t see it in most of his pics we’ve put up on our sites, yes he still has those freckles.  In fact he’s covered in them, even his eyelids and lips.  Personally I think freckles are sexy! 

He is so cute.  So what do you guys think?  I think we are going to have beautiful kids if they get a lot of Ryan.  We both have baby blues and curly red/brown hair.  He has the freckles and I have the cute ears.  Between us both I think we’ll have fiery tempered, rambunctious, opinionated, and wonderfully cute kids!

This next picture is my favorite of Ryan when he was really little.  It is him laughing at his dad and something about it just melts my heart.  He looks so innocent and so happy. 

This is just an early picture into who he would be.  Because that is what my husband is, happy.  He is not just a funny person he is joyful.  He radiates it, he walks into a room full of people and they start to smile.  I tell a joke and people politely laugh then Ryan tells THE SAME JOKE next time we’re out and people are rolling.  Something about him just makes you want to be happy.  What a gift!

I told you I was in a nostalgic mood lately.  I am just really happy right now.  Even though bad things still happen I am happy.  I look back at my life behind and the life I have now and know that no matter what comes in our future we will be able to smile and that is all the reassurance I need in this life. 

So my song of the day?  My love song to my husband.  Don’t know what I would do without him, and I am wrapped up in him.  How could I not be?  He is literally one of the few absolute constants in my life has been since we were babies.  Who could ask for more?

May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine down upon you. Everyone have a great day!



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  1. Lovely pictures!! I love the one of you following your father around. Those are pictures you will cherish for the rest of your life! : smile :

  2. Your pictures are adorable! And yes! You will have beautiful children!!!! Roger laughed the first time he saw a babyb picture of me. He didn’t know it was me…and he was laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his cheeks. My heart was crushed! I told him that the baby was me…and he only laughed harder! When he could manage to breathe, he said, “I’m sorry! It’s just that this baby is so cute! Look at the goofy grin on it’s face!” I scowled and said that I wasn’t an ‘it’!
    Thank you for your comment. You always make me feel good about what I posted…as if God is using my words to whsiper to so many hearts. I have so many reading these days that do no have faith like I do…and already, I can see that He is whispering in their hearts through my words. I just cannot wait until he opens a door for me to be published. Imagine what more he can do when my words all over this world! …lol…I think I am getting ahead of myself.

  3. I’m so glad to hear you’ve been doing better.   It makes me wonder what would happen to us both if our husbands were friends — I’m sure they’d terrorize us to no end.
    Those are cute kid pictures.  The best ones are always saved for embarassment or blackmail.

  4. That’s another freaky Deja’-vu (sp) moment for me. First the other day at your house, and then yesterdays pics, and now today’s. Stop…no don’t stop. Put up one of my little man in a tux please, I love that one.Or, put it on my site and let me know so I can create around them. Yeah, do that please.Do you have any of my wedding? I’ll get some for you if you’ll do it for me. Love the memories. God, I remember those days. You were so cute and even then when I would take you anywhere alone I would pretend you were my daughter. But not in a freaky psycho way or anything! HAHAHAHA Love your bootie….Me

  5. Awwwwwwwww, how cute!!  I’m sure your children will be beautiful! 
    Sorry I’ve been so horrible about updating..I haven’t been on the computer much since my husband isn’t emailing me now!  He should arrive in Cali today..*crosses fingers*  then a week to go..pheeeeeeeeeew, I’m so nervous!!  hehe..Thank you for standing behind me and showing your support!  You are so sweet..
    *hugs* kritti

  6. OMG girl, your just filled with cute-ness You guys will have beaaaaaaaaaauuutiiiiful kids!!!!RYC: why would I want to get rid of you? silly girl!!!!! Your the greatest!!! (((HUGS)))

  7. thank you so much! im so worried about him and after having such a great conversation and feeling so much better about everything last night..this happens. its so wierd. life cant ever just be “okay”…blah blah blah. thank you so much for being there to speak back to me. i love it! a lot! lol. ill keep you updated!
    Daphne….oh yeah. and youre going to have ADORABLE kids too!!!!

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