Well you are never going to believe what we did today.  We bought a Motorcycle for Ryan. 

It is a 1998 Honda 1100cc Shadow Ace Classic edition.  Very nice bike.  It only has 16 thousand miles on it so it has a lot of give left.   We have been talking about getting a bike for a couple of years now.  It is a little more economy friendly when you consider we live about 20 miles from the base.  He goes through a full 12 gallon tank of gas a week in the car and with this he will still go through a tank a week difference is it is a 3 1/2 gallon tank.

He is so excited he can hardly sit still.  He has to take a class and a bunch of other stuff before he can ride it to work, but they give it for free so that’s a plus.  So without further ado here is the bike……

Ryan being very excited and telling me to hurry and take the picture so he can play.

Ryan looking very sexy…. Makes me want to hop on and go for a ride just so I can wrap my arms around him.  Maybe in about 50 pounds for me and a few months of riding for him.

So that is our crazy day. 

I also went to lunch with my wonderful, fantastic, amazing, and of course unique Aunt Susan or Sulimb as you may know her.  We had a ton of fun as always.  It was really good to see her up and about she has been sick too long.  Anyway we chatted and come back to my house and recieved an unexpected pleasure, a suprise visit from my grandma, Sulimb’s mom.  So the three of us talked awhile wich was fun it’s been too long.  Then they left, Ryan came home, and it was off to the bank to buy the bike. 

I can’t wait for our camping trip.  We are leaving on Friday afternoon and won’t be back until the following Friday.  It should be a blast and I swear I will remember my camera this time.  Hope you are all doing great.  I’ll talk to you later.


Okay so here is the song of the day…………


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  1. dang very nice!!   u two need to hand over some of that money and buy me a big screen tv too..lol..i’m sure he feels awesomely cool on the bike!

  2. I want to thank you so much for the encouraging words that you gave me, and the wonderful example of what having a baby can do to a person. Ryan did email me this afternoon to tell me that he is excited, and he doesn’t care if I work he wants me to stay home and “take care of our little girl” it melted my heart to see him write that. He asked me If I thought he was going to be a good dad, which confirmed my suspicous that he’s nervous about becoming a daddy. He loves me so much and I know he’s going to love this little girl but I think this morning the seperation and not talking to each other really strained our relationship. Ryan hadn’t been able to email me for 2 weeks and phone calls were only 15 minutes, and I just needed to have more communication from him, I think God knew that and he smiled on us today and gave us the opportunity to have an extensive email conversation.

  3. Sweeeeet. Only problem is, now Rob wants one too so him and Ryan and Chuck can all go cruisin’. I told him to let me know how that works out for him. Thanks guys, I need to hear about this for the next 6 months!!! Had a groovy time with you today too chicky,we must do it again soon. Unique huh? I still say that just a euphamism for strange…Love your incredible shrinking patootie….Auntie

  4. Love the song of the day. I saw her in concert. Looks like Ryan really likes the bike. Personally I am terrified of them. I blame that on my cousins. I used to ride with them and they were not the best of drivers. Glad you had fun today. Camping a whole week. Sounds like fun. I haven’t camped that long in awhile. We usually go for about 3 days. By then the kids are sick of it and want to come home.

  5. wow, what a blessing that must be for you guys!! pray that on me and aly!! hehe. we definatly are trying to start off on the right foot. and live by what money we’ll have and not spend money we don’t have and go into debt.

  6. Roger has a bike…and I’m terrified of it. We rode it just before we were married and as I climbed off, the inside of me leg brashed against the exhaust pipe. I burnt the tar out of myself and had to wear a huge gauze patch for days. Then, I sliced my hand open and had to wear an enormous bandage on my hand. I looked lovely under me white wedding dress and veil! But that isn’t why I don’t like the bike. I pray to God everytime Roger hops on and takes off!
    Have fun on your camping trip!!!! I am jealous. It is freezing here! No camping for me!
    -Gia 🙂

  7. Okay now that you told me how hot it gets there I would rather deal with the snow here. I love the warmer weather but holy cow not that hot.

  8. Ah! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to break your heart. That is terrible of me! I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately…of an old couple. The woman is taking care of her dying husband and slowly begins to tell the hospice nurse of their love. So, as I write this, I can not seem to break away from the characters and what I write on the xanga reflects these made of people that do not even exsist. I haven’t worked on the novel in so long, and unfortunately, you can see that I have started up again. I am so sorry.
    -Gia 🙂
    I’ll try to write something beautifully happy tomorrow!

  9. Motorcycles are way cool.  I loved riding with my dad when I was younger.  It feels so great.  Congrats to the both of you.Im glad your having a great day.

  10. Well, I am glad that I didn’t really break your heart. I know that the write was mournful and sad…but you are right. Sometimes it is good to remember and hold on. Sometimes, I find myself dong that lately. I look at my husband when he frustrate me and I remember all the time that we spent seperated due to war and deployments. Then, I smile and want to hold him close to me…just so that I can realize what I have and what I have longed for in the past.
    -Gia  🙂
    -I’m still writing something happy tomorrow. *wink*

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