Good morning everyone!

I’m off to work with my mom today.  We are getting ready for an upcoming yard sale we are doing together in a few weeks.  I am feeling really great today.  I have had so much energy in the last couple of weeks.  Now with the racquetball I am getting some good cardio and I feel great.  I haven’t felt this good in years.  Sad huh? 

I have my two month check up on Tuesday.  I’m kind of excited about it since this is the one where they will release me to normal life.  Fingers crossed. 

For those of you who want to know, I have now lost 56  pounds.  Yesterday when we were working in the yard I wore my fanny pack with my Walkman in it for the first time since the surgery.  (Yep I still wear a fanny pack.)  I couldn’t believe it.  I snapped it and it fell off.  I was so excited I had to measure it.  I had to cinch the sucker 7 inches!  Can you believe it?

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had a good one, but you can read all about it below if you want.  I just want to ask for your prayers really quick.  For silvernicks who is starting her new job today.  For sulimb who is still a bit sick but on the mend, however her husband just stumbled in the door with the same case of the cruds she has had for the last week.  Please pray for hisgatekeeper, my hubby, who is testing for tech in about three weeks.  Okay I think that is about it. 

And with that I will leave you with my thoughts and prayers.  Hope everyone has a great day.  This feels like a good week.  Like koffeekween said, two beginnings in one week.  Monday a new week and Tuesday a new month.  Take care everyone.

Oh yeah I know the song doesn’t fit the post but the sound of it does.  I used to love this song in high school so for me it screams happy hot summer days with the windows rolled down just cruising along the highway.  Happy days. 



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  1. Morning!Congrats on the weight loss! That’s just SO awesome! We’re in the mood to start working on our yard, and I also want to have a yard sale this spring with my mom and Granny. I have so much to get rid of!
    Have a wonderful week! You’re right…I think it’s gonna be a good week too! :O)

  2. 56!  Thats so great.  I am so happy for you.This song made you think of High School?  I think I feel old right now.  LOL!Have a good day.Kelly

  3. Hey!  I’m so glad you are feeling so great!  Congratulations!! *again* hehe..You must get sick of hearing that lol..
    Thank you so much for keeping my husband in your prayers..It means so much to me!! 
    So what does returning to “normal life” mean exactly??
    *hugs* kritti

  4. Thanks so much for requesting a prayer about my new job….I am so happy with it.  Way to go on the 56 lbs….I wish I was doing so well but I know you have no choice of what you eat either. Maybe we can talk tonight. Love ya!

  5. 7 inches?????? That’s awesome. Good luck at the checkup. I really need to have a garage sale, but I do not like to have them just go to them.: biggrin : Have a good night.

  6. Hey babycakes, I talked to grandma today. Not sure if we’re gonna make it this weekend. Are you guys gonna be there through both weekends? If you are, and we don’t make it out this weekend, we would like to come the next one. Let me know you skinny wench you. 56 pounds! Good grief, I need to get over there more! See, I had the car today, and you weren’t home. Whatcha doing tomorrow? Robert will be home again I’m thinking…Hum. Shopping???????Talk to me woman! : biggrin : : : blink :

  7. I’m just so happy for you and how far you have come.  You have really shown so much strength and perseverance!  You deserve all of the happiness and blessings!

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