*EDIT 2*

Okay everyone I fixed the links.  Sorry about that.  I forgot and tried to link to my private page so it wouldn’t work.  Now it’s linked.  Sorry what a thing to do.  Give you a shameless plug then not let you get to it.  Whooops.

Hey everyone, did you know that I write movie reviews?  I don’t even know if any of you care but I do write them.  I figure with a husband who watches, loves, collects, and memorizes all things cinema I should at least make a record of what I do and do not like.  I have put a link for it in the My Story module off to the left called…… Did you know I write reviews?  Feel free to stop by and critique my critiques.  Just thought I would let you know.  Have a great night everyone.  Hope you all are having a rad weekend.  Oops sorry spillover from the movie I watched (and reviewed) tonight.  What was it you might ask?  Well guess you’ll have to click on the link to find out!  How was that for a shameless plug?



Okay can I just tell you how much I love being able to change the song with my mood or to fit my post?  I love it!  The song currently playing is in honor of the movie I have just mentioned above.  Don’t worry I saved the httm code for my three part classical and I will go back to it eventually but right now I am having a bodacious time with this!  Ooops another 80’s throwback!  Well now you know my dirty little secret I kind of sorta think the 80’s are AWESOME!!!!!!


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  1. I love the 80’s too, but that’s because I’m and 80’s baby. That’s so cool that you write reviews, I don’t write reviews but my sister and I find ourselves randomly quoting movies in our daily phone conversations, it’s funny that one thought can provoke us to each remember the same scene from a movie, and say it outloud.

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