Well we have finished working on the front yard.  It took two days, a lot of blisters, broken finger nails, sore feet and hands, and a lot of hard work but we got it done.  We really love doing yard work but we haven’t had a chance in the last few months between my surgery and all the rain so this was really fun and oddly relaxing.  I promised I would post before and after pictures but it is just going to be after, I forgot to take some before.  Oh well.  Here you go.

Doesn’t Ryan look happy now that we’re done.  I love this pic since his head covers the huge junk pile on the side of the house waiting for bulk pickup day in two weeks.  Oh well you can’t have everything.

This is a side view of the house from the neighbors yard.

I took this picture just so you guys could see how massive the cactus in our front yard is.  It is called a Pipe Organ cactus and in the late spring and summer it gets these huge dinner plate size white flowers that bloom only at night.  I will have to take pictures for you in a couple of months.  This cactus has been here since this house was built and is now one of the largest in the state. 

This is my front entry way coming from the driveway.  I love having the raised planters.

This is what you see when you turn the corner in the pic above.  Ryan taking a break.

Here are a few of the boys being miserable since we don’t let them in the front when we are working.  Can you believe Yoda can get his whole head through the gate?  Actually last year he made it past his shoulders and then got stuck.  I’m amazed he still does this.

Gandalf going Kujo on us cause he wants out.  Can you see those claws?  Yikes!

So there are the pictures.  We had a great time but are now pooped.  We are going to go play racquetball again just to loosen up our muscles and then its movie and nap time.  Hope all of you have a wonderful day talk to you tomorrow.  Or maybe later tonight.  We shall see.



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  1. Okay goofy girl, I’m here!!!!I started checking everyone out at 1ish, and I’m still here. And you are the first one I commented on. Okay second ’cause I had to see if Autumnluv was Ann. The yard looks great!! You have been a busy little beaver, HUH??? I’m glad to se the funk lifting. I hate it when that b***h comes to roost! And yes, the site looks great, thankyouverymuch. I don’t know about the music yet as I can’t hear a darn thing, but it’s looking good s far. Now, I must go. There a few ladies I must visit today. The rest must wait until anon. But time flies when your typing in Xangaland! (I love how that’s catching on. I started that don’t cha know!) Mucho loves , hugs and kisses….Me

  2. Ah! Your yard is lovely! I hope my turns out as well! I have this lovely magnolia tree in my yard…right outside my kitchen window. Parts of the limbs are snapped from the ice storm a few months ago. We have to go gather up the branches and toss them. But I cannot wait to see the tree bloom!
    -Gia 🙂

  3. no im really not okay right now. just when i got to thinking that he would come home and we could start our lives together without the millitary…he sure had me convinced he was through. but i think a part of me inside knew this would happen..hes not the reserve either. the guys told him he wouldnt be deployed..but i know its not true. even if he has the year free of it and is on the waiting list..theyll deploy him. thats how they work. he leaves tomorrow to come home, so ill be able to give you details then. but im just in a state of being very sad right now..im not really sure whats going to happen.

  4. thank you for your comment. after talking about it and calming down some..thinking about it..its not a bad thing at all. im just tired of missing him..but again, its the toughest job in the service. we havent set a date yet. we are doing that when he gets home. ill keep you updated personally…we’ll see..

  5. I love the yard, the house and the dogs are so cute.  I do not have a green thumb at all and besides that we do not even have a big yard so needless to say, my father in law and mother in law do all the planting and stuff.  I hope it is ok to add you.  I love your webiste.  Maybe you can give me some pointers.

  6. Beautiful home & yard.After all the rain we have so much green now, I love it. Eventhough our yard looked like a freaking jungle before we mowed it yesterday. LOL!!!

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