Good morning everyone.  Hope everyone is doing really good and you all are feeling better. Hi  Seems like everyone is sick lately.  Blue  There is not too much going on in life lately. 

It is raining again.  Rainy  Crazy weather for Phoneix, Arizona.  Just to give you an idea of how bizare this is.  The 30 year average rain fall per year in Phoenix, AZ is 8.14 inches.  We have been in a drought and last year our total rainfall was 7.14 inches.  So far this year in January and February we have had 4.75 inches.  More than half of our average rainfall in two months.  So far this year we have surpassed Seattle in rainfall.  This time last year they were saying that one more year of this drought and we would be on water rationing for the next five years.  This moring they were showing pictures of the mountains right here in the city and they are so green it looks like pictures of Ireland.  Amazing.  As much as I have been gripeing about the rain because it is delaying the construction on my house,  Rain Cloud  I am so grateful.  We needed this so badly.  We have forcasted rain every day this week except for maybe Saturday and Sunday this week.  (Fingers crossed)  They are saying that as of right now there is no end in sight for this pattern of rain.  God is just pouring out on this city after so long.

Last night my husband and I got into bed and turned on the news.  Normal nightly routine.  Then Ryan looks at me with this horrible grin on his face.     I asked him what was up.  (To be honest the look was a bit scary in the dark.)  He didn’t say a word just started tickling me.  Of course the only recourse was to tickle back we ended up having a half hour long tickle war.  We were laughing so hard that at the end of it my stomach hurt so bad and my face felt worn out from smiling. Husband And Wife The unfortunate part of this little war was that at the end of it I was wide awake but Ryan fell right to sleep.  So I was laying there awake listening to my husband snore and I started thinking.  We laugh so much in our marriage  Too Funny no matter how much we have been through there is always laughter.  We are so blessed and so happy.  I was looking through some pictures this morning and found this one of us when Ryan came home from Germany last year.  This is a typical picture of us.  We love to laugh. 

I think that this is one of the ways we have made it through all that we have been through.  I think we have somehow found a way to live by my father’s words of wisdom at our wedding.

“May your life be filled with the three F’s.  Faith, family, and fun.  May your faith be as strong fifty years from now as it ever was, may you always remember that you are a family and stick together, and may you never forget to laugh and have fun.”

Now looking back I realize that these three things, in this order have been my strength through it all.  My God  Bible 2 first and foremost, my husband second In Love , and our ability to have fun through all of it.  I am always saying on here, that life is in the journey and not the destination.  Last night I began to realize just how true that is.  If we had gone through all we have been through without laughter what would have been the point?  If you life and have no joy in it what are you truly accomplishing in life?  If I die tomorrow and never hold a child in my arms I will always have had this wonderful, and truly joyfull, five years with a man I love completely.  Holding Hands 

Okay so my post about rain took a little turn.  I have tried to catch up on all of you.  I hope you are all feeling better today. I have changed my song for the day.  (Don’t worry Tammy I will bring back the classical later. )  This was mine and Ryan’s early marriage song.  Still makes me give an “ah sweet once upon a time memories” sigh and my heart beats a little faster.  Single Rose  The thing that’s cute is that he picked this song because of my hair.  It’s so long when we are in bed it gets all over his face.  He wakes up choking on it.  The guys at work pick these huge long hairs off his uniform and he says he won’t walk on the carpet barefoot no matter how much we vaccum because there is a chance my hair will get tangeled around his toes.  (And you wonder why I don’t really mind having a dog that sheds.  I already had to sweep everyday anyway.)  Pretty romantic reason to pick a love song huh?  I love my husband. 

CourtneySoldier's Kiss


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  1. water rationing would suck! thank God for rain!!!
    tickle wars definatly rule..i’m sure they are even more fun once married lol cuz then u don’t have the awkwardness of accidentally touching that person where you shouldn’t..hahah…reading what you have to say about you and ryan and just the two of you seems like an awesome marriage and two great ppl i’d love to hang with..but, miles prevent that, so xanga is fine, lol =) have a good day

  2. We’ve been watching the reports of the rain out here in Texas where we’re not getting a whole lot. Just clouds and a shower every now and then. It’ll get worse starting next month.
    Jonathan and I do the tickle wars. Sometimes we’ll lay in bed and annoy eachother or talk…it always ends in laughter. That has been the best medicine for us, SO many times. I am so happy to hear that other wives are just as happy as I am. Sometimes, we hear so many bad things that we forget or overlook the fact that there ARE happy marriages.
    Hope you have a good day. Stay dry! :O)

  3. Oh I haaaaaaate being tickled!!  lol..And I wonder why hubby loves to do it so much!  (tickle, lmao)  I love laughing with my husband too, it makes all worries and fears disappear for awhile..
    I’m glad you guys are getting rain, I can’t imagine being rationed on water..That would be awful..
    *hugs* kritti

  4. I love that picture. You really do look so happy. It’s great to hear someone talk positive about their marriage. That’s alot of rain for you.

  5. What a cute picture!  We really don’t have any pictures that good, as one of us (usually my expressions I can’t control) tends to usually mess them up.
    I read that bit on your husband’s website that you linked.  I actually read it when he’d first posted it, and sent it to Jason’s work email while he was there.  Apparently he passed it around, and sent it out to a few people on his regular email list.  We both really enjoyed it.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how you put together your story links because I would like to something similar on my website. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks, Keri

  7. You know, you have a lot of wisdom that only comes through faith. Laughter is good, passion is good, love…true love that wraps completly around you is good….but, to havve wisdom in times of comfusion and pain is even better.
    You said something that opened my eyes to something I have been trying not to focus much on lately. God has been giving me a peace about babies and life. I have been seeing myself seperate from my family…and seeing the woman that I am becoming….and I like what I see. I realize that I am wonderful without babies to raise…that God has created something beautiful and special in me. The only problem is, I start to wonder if God is allowing me to see this because He may be preparing me for a let down (that I may not have  children) but then, I shurg and think, “Nope. He’s blessing me…letting me see my own worth.”
    -Gia šŸ™‚

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