Hey everyone,
Please still read the post below but I just wanted to post this to all of the military wives that read this site (and even those of you who aren’t military wives if your interested.)  You have all been so wonderful and supportive of me no matter what was going on but especially during my husbands deployment.  I would like to ask you to visits someones site and give her some encouragment.  She is a 19 year old army wife that has a 3 month old daughter.  She and her husband have only been married for 8 months and he has now been shipped to another base.  She is just not really sure how to handle this, her first seperation and has asked for advice.  You can find her on my subscribers list or HERE.
You all are so wonderful I just know you can lift her up.  She just needs to find a support group and I have a feeling she has come to the right place. 


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  1. Courtney, thank you so much for all your thoughts and advice. Its so wonderful to meet people who have been or going thru what I am. I have so many questions in my head right now that I cant even get my thought sorted out…also thank you for the sweet entry I can totally use all the support I can get…its just so hard to be away from him. I havent been away from him for more than 9 wks in our entire relationship…and we’ve been together almost 4 yrs. I just wonder how to do you cope with missing him? Like how do you be strong? Do you ever feel like going crazy? Im just so lost….please help!!?!

  2. Wow i just proofed it and your comment was already there!.  I had that for so long its automatic to hide sometimes, and refuse to have my pic taken at times.  Kinda weird but hopefully I will over come it.  Im just thankful that Alex is outgrowing it.  I didnt want him getting picked on, kids are just mean sometimes. 

  3. I finally got the rest of alex’s pics up.  You gonna do another picture update? I think im starting to gain mine back…sometimes i cant stop eating. I need to get outside more, but weather has to cooperate. 

  4. She definantly came to the right place for support. I have had so much support from everyone. I never realized just how sweet people can be. All of you are awesome.

  5. Yes, I am doing all I can to keep my head up and be in good spirits.. it’s not easy.. but, as you know all the xanga ladies help out significantly!! I really appreciate all the wonderful words of wisdom and nice thoughts! : biggrin : (and the fact he can call makes it better too!) Hope all is going good for you and you are having a nice day!!

  6. Hey I will definately help out…
    Yeah I remember your story…LOL.  I am hoping my inlaws learn their lesson, but I am not sure that they will.  I know Mike is on my side, so we shall see…hahaha.  I did enjoy faking them out…is that wrong?  LOL.  I miss you too…I didn’t realize how much I depended on my computer until now…agh!

  7. You did good baby girl, but then I knew you would. It’s soo nice to be right always! I wasn’t sure if she would come, but I know that now that she is here, she won’t feel so lost. You just have that gift.Love you much…Me

  8. It was bad, he cried in the ER because the doctor touched it.  He limped on that one ankle for almost two weeks. He could not move his foot, or the skin would crack and it would scab all over again.  I had to sponge him off, because water would just burn him alive.  There was no excuse for not getting him treated earlier.

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