I keep forgetting to post this.  Tomorrow we are starting construction on our house.  We have a guy coming to rip out our back arcadia doors and install a french door and a window.  Then he is going to rip out our front fence and put in double locking gates.  Whoo hoo.  We are really excited and the guy is fast and cheap.  He has done some work for my dad so we know he is good and he has a wonderful rep among the other firemen.  We can’t wait.  I will post before pics later along with some of the fish tank that I promised and never posted and some of my house for Eight_New_Beginning.  Hope all of you have a great day.

Good afternoon everyone!

I got a request to post another update picture post and I realized I haven’t done one for about three weeks.  So I figured I might as well and I was astonished.  I didn’t realize just how much of a difference there was. Raise The Roof I mean I should have as I d  id notice this morning that my underware are like granny panties now!  Knitting  And my jeans are a joke. Pants 2  I have now lost 51 pounds since my surgery six and a half weeks ago.  I feel great and can’t wait to just be normal again.  Thank you all for your comments and for visiting lil_armywife19  I knew I could count on you to help her out.  I couldn’t have asked for better friends than you.Kisses


Look at my mop!  That’s what happens on a rainy day.  There is no controling it!  Afro With Pick


I’m standing on the same place but since my husband isn’t home I had to prop the camera  Digital Camera up on boxes so there isn’t a perfect match in the distance.  Same difference though, still a huge change. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Thanks again. Kisses 



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  1. WOW!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! You look gorgeous!!! You are so CURVEY!!!! Well…I am curvey too…and hilly, and rippley and mountainy and……but you look WONDERFUL!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. Wow Courtney, wow!!!! I can’t even find any other words..just wow! My pretty girl.Are you SURE you don’t want to go shopping with me tonight? I’m gonna look at the clothes!!!! hahahah Really, I can’t wait to go shopping with you, I still think we need to do this thing. Love you bunches…Me

  3. WOW!!  I’m speechless!  You look beautiful!  And this is only the beginning!!  I’m so happy for you!!! You go girl!!  Much love to you!!
    *hugs* kritti  (p.s.) give Yoda a kiss for me!!  hehe

  4. wow…you look amazing!!!! Congrats…Im still working all my post baby fat…we’ll see how that goes. Once again thank you for all the support and advice and everything…it means soo much to me to have friends who understand!!!

  5. Whoa!!! Big difference all over.  I am so happy for you.  Thanks for the pic update.  Your hair looks fine, ours is about the same length actually.  You better treat your self this summer to a whole new wardrobe, youve earned it.

  6. I am so happy for you, you must feel so good! Keep up the great work! That is wonderful that you are getting some updates doen in your house.. it is always nice to get those home improvements.. it’s crazy how even the smallest changes can make your house look totally different… and here you are getting a nice big change!! Must be nice!! Good for you two!! : biggrin : Enjoy!!.. Hope they don’t make too big of mess in your house!

  7. Courtney!
    I am so behind in catching up, but I just wanted to make sure I let you know that you are looking so wonderful!  You were beautiful before, and you still are…
    I am just so happy for you :hugs: .

  8. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL! IM SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOU! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! sorry its been so long since ive been able to write to you. i work all day and go to school all night. its been tiering and i barley have time anymore for anything. im supposed to go to washington thursday! hooaahhhh!!! but theres more issues with that then i care to explain. mabye when i have enough energy to do it i will. im proud of you. keep it up, you look terriffic. love lots,

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