Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments.  I appreciate it more than I can say.    You have all been a pillar for me when I needed someone the most. Blowing Kisses I will post for real tomorrow.  I am working on answering your questions and it has taken a little more thought than I had anticipated.  The Thinker  That’s a good thing though trust me.  I am feeling much better today thanks to all of you.  Some days are just more than I can handle. Pouty  You know?  Hope everyone has a wonderful night.  I will see you tomorrow. 

A very grateful soldier in this war we call life, Saluting The Flag 


LET no man pray that he know not sorrow,
Let no soul ask to be free from pain,
For the gall of to-day is the sweet of to-morrow,
And the moment’s loss is the lifetime’s gain.

Through want of a thing does its worth redouble,
Through hunger’s pangs does the feast content,
And only the heart that has harbored trouble,
Can fully rejoice when joy is sent.

Let no man shrink from the bitter tonics
Of grief, and yearning, and need, and strife,
For the rarest chords in the soul’s harmonies,
Are found in the minor strains of life.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I just thought this poem really touched on what I have been going through and the attitude I have so desperately tried to have about all of my trials this past four years.  Hope it touched you as it touched me. ” May God bless you and keep you and makeHis face to shine upon you.”

Goodnight my friends.


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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts.  Your always positive, and you make me want to strive for the same positive outlook on life (even though your down a little right now).  Wow 48 pounds.  

  2. Let me know when/if you make the Rice Krispies Treats (and marshmallows).  I’m really curious as to how they’ll come out.
    Great that you’re having a better day.  That’s a good poem; where’d you find it at?

  3. Hi cutie, you sound much better today.This is a good thing. I remember the good and bad days, unfortunately, all you can do is ride them out. Think of the diciples in the boat with Jesus on the raging sea. You think it’s bad now, and it is, it’s horrendous, but Jesus is right there with you,and soon he’s gonna wake up and speak the storm into submission. Then we’ll see you shine!!!I’m sending a young lady your way, her name is lil armywife and she needs some of you and your military wives kind of support. She has been alone for the last 8 months and could really use a support network. I think she would be more suited to your other group then with ours, but that is ultimately up to her to decide.Thanks for taking the time with her, I appreciate it. Love you bunches…Me

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