Good morning everyone.  I just wanted to post this really quick.  I will try to come back later and write a real post.  It has been awhile.  Here is another idea.  Ask me questions.  Things you want to know.  So I at least have some idea of whether or not I am boring you to death or if you are actually enjoying the torture that is my writting.   Hope you are all having a wonderful day. 


I had to add this Lords Prayer because I think it really sums up what this life is all about. 

Lord’s Prayer For The Military Wife

Lord Grant me the greatness of heart to see, 

the difference in duty and his love for me. 


Give me the understanding to know, 

That when duty calls he must go. 


Give me a task to do each day, 

to fill the time when he is away,


And Lord when duty is in the field, 

Please protect him and be his shield.

                                                        Author Unknown

By Jean Walter 

I. Thou shalt not write in ink in thy address book.

II. Thou salt not covet choice assignments of other
uniformed branches of service.

III. Love thy neighbor. (Tis easier if thou buyest a house
on a corner)

IV. Honor thy Commissary and Exchange for as long as they
both shall live.

V. Thou shalt not ridicule a local politician, for mighty
senators from local politicians grow.

VI. Thou shalt look for the best in every assignment, even
though the best may be The World’s Biggest Cockroaches or
Record Snow In One Month’s Time or Most Childhood Diseases
Experienced in One Year.

VII. Thou shalt remeber all they friends from all thy
assignments with greeting at Christmas, for thou never
knowest when thou might like to spendeth the night with them
while enroute to a new duty statione.

VIII. Be kind and gentle to retired, white-hair Exchange and
Commissary customers, because thou too will be a retiree

IX. Thou shalt not curse thy active duty spouse who is off
TAD on moving day.

X. Thou must never arrive at a new assignment and constantly
brag about how everything was much better at thy last


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  1. Very neat post! Hope your doing well. Yes, I found that VERY interesting that  we both dreamt about Xanga people last night….hmmmm…does that mean we spend to much time on here…I’m sure it doesn’t, because I for one certainly know that I don’t get enough quality time on Xanga…lol lol lol lol lol….oh my gosh…I can’t stop laughing now! lol  Take care!

  2. What do you do to antagonize your husband? 
    And no, I love reading your posts.  I really enjoy how you write, especially with all the added emoticons and symbols.  It reminds me of these books I used to read as a kid with the pictures inserted instead of the words, but on a WAY higher level.

  3. MWWWAAAHHAAHH!!!!I love you too. Okay, here are a few..why is the sky blue, where do bubbles go when they pop? Who is the current king of rock and roll? And why was I the only one left at the B-B-que? What are you trying to say, huh? Huh? hahahaha Come on Courtney, tell us a story.I love your stories..Me

  4. When I read your comment I cried for some reason lol. I will work on giving it time and having hope the only thing is I will go back to being alone : unsure : Thank you so much though for being there for me. Your a really great friend

  5. Your not boring, silly goose!!!I am sorry I haven’t commented much, I have been speechless for a while now. LOL!!(((HUGS)))

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