I only got questions from Sulimb and Genuinehokum so I’m gonna answer them really quick before I have to leave.  I forgot today I have to attend a baby shower for my cousin.  Crawling Baby    So I will be back later.  Hopefully sometime today I will get an inspiration for something to write, I just can’t think of a story, I know I have plenty but nothing is popping out at me.  Any suggestions? 

Okay on the the questions!

Genuinehokum writes: “What do you do to antagonize your husband?”

Hahaha (Fallensparrow rubs her evil little hands together Sinister )  I don’t let him use the computer.  I always forget to tell him he needs to do something until he has already parked his butt in front of the tv (Not on purpose)  I sleep in.  Tired  Then I make him stay awake in the afternoon so I can spend time with him but all he wants to do is take a nap.  If he plays the xbox I make him let me play too and then I make him play what I want Vidiots  (Definitely on purpose but only because I hate the war games he has I’m an RPG girl myself.)  I tell him not to touch in the stores, and to stop making farting noises with his mouth.  ( Any of you who know Ryan, know he is a total goofball and therefore acts like a five year old in public LOL) Oh lots of other horrible things.  Aren’t I aweful? Shock 4 

Sulimb writes: “Why is the sky blue, where do bubbles go when they pop? Who is the current king of rock and roll? And why was I the only one left at the B-B-que?”

Okay let me see what I can do. 

1. The sky is blue because our atmosphere acts as a prism.  Blue is the color our eye picks up because of the angle at which the sunlight hits out atmosphere.  That is why sunsets have so many colors because the sunlight is hitting at a different angle.Teacher

2.  Bubbles go to bubble heaven when they pop.  Also known as evaporation.

3.  Current King of Rock and roll?  Duh Elvis he just lives on Alpha Centari now. Male Entertainer 4 

4.  You were the only one left out of the barbeque because you didn’t tell me the only reason you couldn’t come was because you needed a ride.  I would have come to get you.  Cruisin  Oh lets just be honest I would have sent Ryan chalk that one up to the antagonizing list.


Okay so there are the answers to your questions I got so far LOL please somebody give me a motivation to write.  I can’t think of anything and like I said this is one of those days when I actually want to write so it’s driving me nuts.  Insane  Oh well.  Everyone have a good evening and I will talk to you later.


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  1. I do have a question…something that you can write about: How is it, that after everything that you have lived through, all the pain and hurt, that you have still found the strength to live in faith alone? I know how I have done it…I know why I have never turned away…but I’d love to know your story.
    -Gia šŸ™‚

  2. Wow.. thank you so much for your response.. it really made me feel good reading it. It sucks to be alone, but helps to talk with others that know the worry, anticipation and emotional draining of a soldiers deployment… Thanks for your input.. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Hmmmm….the first time they farted in front of their husband….lol….I am still giggling over that one but it would make an INTERESTING story! lol To funny.   Maybe Sulimb was the only one left at the BBQ because SHE was the one that farted!!! lol

  4. ur poor husband..hahahaha =) 
    hmm, questions..uhh..umm..
    i can’t remember – how long have you been married?
    what’s one of your favorite hobbies?
    greatest movie of all time according to you?

  5. ROFL Yes Courtney “at” the BBQ, not “out of”. I know that you would have sent Ryan, never a doubt in my mind that I was wanted. Never occured to me that I might not be. Hows that for an ego? I was talking about your Xangaland dream, and Tammy’s getting to meet you. That reminds me, if she met you, where was I? Hum, I’ll have to go ask her…I am completely impressed that you knew all the “correct” answers to my age old questions. Here’s another one for you, which came first…the chicken or the egg. This is an easy one…Hey, come see me, I think I have an “UMBALA” from Zippy something. Do me, then her, then me and let me know what you think…Love ya, Me

  6. *Sulimb runs screaming into the night, arms flailing wildly, voice growing fainter and fainter….* I’m definately walking, no running away from that a one. I have a Pastor already, thank you very much! Love you…Me

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