Good evening everyone.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  We had our party and I must say it was a sucess.  Everyone had a great time and they have all asked if I will do it again soon.  I have to tell you that I would love to.  You have to understand that in my family when someone throws a party everyone potlucks.  So All I supplied was the burgers and dogs, everyone else brought food.  Then the women all congregate in the kitchen after the party and sip coffee and talk while they do all the dishes and clean up.  So at the end of the day there is about half and hour of clean up.  No big deal!

This is going to be a picture post of the party today.  I also have to say that the only thing missing today was Sulimb and her family.  I am so sorry you couldn’t come.  Everyone asked where you were.  You and the boys were missed. 

Me and my hubby enjoying each other right before the game.  Trust me I wasn’t in his lap when the game was on! 

My cousin Debbie and our beautiful new neice Macie!  She gets cutter every day.

Ryan and I with Macie.  I’m in love!

Macie and her momma.  They are beautiful together.  So happy….

My wonderful husband with our neice Macie.  He’s going to be a great dad someday.

Okay so this has somehow become a baby post instead of a super bowl post.  So here are a couple of the crowd.  We ended up with 26 people all together. 

Eric and Remy.  Some of our best friends.

My two mothers.

From left to right.  My sister, Charly, my Grandmother, me, my mom, my sister Becky and of course my neice Macie. 

Hope you all have a great night/day depending on when you read this.  Take care.



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  1. I got mine off of I think? Last time I tried to go they were down, but that was Thursday or Friday I think. The other one is x-Tracker, but apparently they’re not taking new subscriptions right now. The one I have was really easy to install. Let me know if it works…if not, I’ll see if there’s another link.

  2. Oh, aren’t you a sweety pie. I’m sorry we couldn’t be there too, it looks like we missed out. Oh well, next time I’m coming even if I have to walk.So I’m gonna need a lot of notice..hahaha Hugs and kisses…Me

  3. Thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate all the advice. I can’t believe there was no punishment for her taking the car.: blink :

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