Good morning everyone,
We are back up and running this fine morning and everything is working.  We put up our new desk and fish tank.  (I will do pictures later.)  Everything looks good.  We are crazy though.  We are throwing a last minute Super bowl party and so far last minute we have picked up about 30 people.  Whew.  It’s going to be a blast we’re going to barbeque and everyone is going to bring their favorite super bowl side dish.  It should be a hoot. I am going to try to get around to all of you right now.  Hopefully I can catch up and keep up.  Everyone take care and have a wonderful weekend. 

My music went away.  Can anyone else hear it or is it just me?  I’m bummed I’m gonna have to find more.  Oh well it was giving me problems anyway. 

Okay weird now I can hear it too.  Uggg maybe I didn’t get all the bugs out!?!


9 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks girl keep praying for me please. I can hear your music, I love this song! I learned to play it on the piano, well some of it haha. Man I wish I lived close to you Id wanna go to your party lol. Well take care : biggrin :

  2. You seem to load faster now, or maybe it was because you didn’t use a lot of smiley thingy’s this time. Sound’s like you’ll have a good time tomorrow, wish I could be there, but oh well. Glad you got everything worked out. Love you, see you later…Me

  3. Welcome back!  I hope you have fun at your party tomorrow!  I am rootin for Tom Brady and the Patriots.  He is from U of M ( I was born and raised in MI) and he is so good looking!  LOL! 
    Have a great night.

  4. I hear your music.  You are a brave soul!  Throwing together a superbowl party at the last minute?  I tip my hat to you lady!  As for me…well, here would be my expression: : blink :  Huh?  Hope you have a great time!~K.K.

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