Fubar is, at least for me, an AirForce term used to describe a broken peice of equipment.  It’s literal translation is not exactly pc but here you go. 

F. screwed
U. up
B. beyond
A. all
R. recognition

***As in Sulimb’s computer****  haha sorry I had to say it. 

Hope this helps cause I’m not going into more detail.

Xanga is FUBAR!!!

I’ll try to get around to all of you tomorrow today I am just frustrated!

11 thoughts on “

  1. Yeah what does that word mean?  I’ve heard of it but never knew lmao..: biggrin :  I know I’m a dork lol..
    By the way, I don’t think I commented on the pics of your puppies..They are so precious!  I am in love with your schnauzer!!  *big squeeze for him!!*  hehe..
    Can’t wait to hear more from you!!  Talk to you soon!  : smile :
    *hugs* kritti

  2. haha my boyfriend says taht sometimes.. my my has all of the nancy drew games too.. they’re surprisingly good.. and despite the 10 and up on the box, i couldn’t figure parts of some out without help!

  3. Huh, hard to tell.I’ll say “watch and wait”. True colors always show eventually, ya know? Maybe a pout? Hummmm, my computer is still FUBAR, and this is a horrid , horrid thing. I’m having trouble coping. Can you drive 25 miles out of your way , and come over here to fix it with no food for you, not even a bottle of luke-warm water and a really bad attitude a given? I promise to abuse you in the manor you’ve become accustomed to. Because it takes too much of an effort to be HUMAN!!!!!!!They suck. ’nuff said.Love your pieces…Me

  4. Oh yeah, thanks for going out of your way to offer me that shining ray of hope. I am comforted. NOT!!!So basically, I’m S. O. L., is that the correct interpretation here? Whatever. Honestly, I just do not have the energy to invest that kind of effort into him, so I guess he wins. LOL No really, he’s a great boy, just strong, really really strong!!!I’ll do what I must, ’cause that’s who I am! L.Y. Me

  5. Ugh…my computer is having “issues” along with Xanga and MSN. I can’t do anything and it’s driving me crazy. Hmmm….ya think God’s trying to tell me something? Yeah. Me either, lol!
    Have a good one….hope things get better soon. :O)

  6. Hey Courtney,
    I am so happy to report that the bird is gone. About 3 weeks ago we did some yard work in the back yard and trimmed some branches on the tree it perched on and it hasn’t been back since. Ye are so happy too… because not only did it repeatedly run into our windows it ran into our car too. I guess it would hang out under the carport and attack the car… I don’t understand it… but it happened. Well ttyl.
    … Heather …

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