Good evening everyone.  As I promised earlier this post will be installment 9 in my story.  I’m going to write about my adventures at Lake Alamo with my best friend Emily.  I will also explain a little about Emily as I have mentioned her but not really told you about her.  I also wanted to let you all know that on the left there is a new module called My Story Links.  It has all the posts that are the chapters of my story for those of you who are new here or those of you who missed one. 

My story Chapter 9: The Alamo

Let me start out by telling you about my best friend Emily.  She and I have literally been best friends since we were in diapers.  Her family started attending our church when I was about two and she was three.  From the first moment we were inseparable.  We hear stories about how we played together how we competed about who had the longest hair and how we sat together constantly.  As soon as we were old enough we started doing sleepover’s and before long it was family routine.  One Saturday night she was at my house and the next I was at her’s.  Our families would trade us off the next day at church.  When I went through a really bad stage in my life at 13 she was the only person I talked to.  When I was mad at my family she would sit in my room and sing Sunday school songs until I either laughed or felt guilty enough to apologize.  When my heart was broken after my fiance cheated on me (another story for another time) she was there.  When I was so angry with my life she pointed out the good things.  She has always been there for me and I have tried to always be there for her.  She is meek and tender, a true peace maker.  And you know me, I’m not.  She has always said that she was a lamb and I was a lion.  God put us together so that we might learn from each other.  She said that the lamb has taught the lion to be gentle and the lion has taught the lamb to be brave.  If we met now I don’t know if we would be friends but without each other we wouldn’t be who we are.  She has also know my husband his whole life.  She was there with me when I fell in love with him the first time and the second.  She knows and is a part of my whole history.  For 22 out of my 24 years she has been my best friend.  So there you go that is Emily

When I was 17 my best friend Emily and I decided to go camping for a weekend at Lake Alamo here in Arizona.  My grandparents were camping there for a week so it seemed like the place to go.  When we got there we found that they had gone home a day early and as it is about three hours away we decided to go ahead and stay the night.  We built a camp fire and ate some dinner and talked then we set up her truck with sleeping bags in the bed and fell asleep with her dog in between us.   At about 3am we both sat straight up wide awake.  There were wild donkeys in our camp!  Thier braying had woken us up.   We eventually fell back asleep and slept peacefully the rest of the night.

The next morning we got up, ate some breakfast, packed up camp and hit the showers.  We decided to go tooling around in the truck.  We thought it would be cool to get to the other side of the lake so we found a little dirt road that went down into some trees.  About 10 minutes into this journey we decided that it was quite creepy and to turn around.  Problem was there was nowhere to turn around the track was too narrow.  Then up ahead I saw a river bed and hit the brakes.  The truck was not 4×4 and I did not want to try my luck in the sand.  Unfortunatly we already were in sand and when I tried to back up we sunk to the axle instantly. So here we are two girls 17 and 18 in the middle of nowhere, in Puma country, at noon of the day we were supposed to be home, with no phone, no food, and it looked like rain. 

We dug out the truck twice and twice more it got stuck.  There was no way we could do it again we were just edging further into the riverbed and it was raining.  Here in Arizona we have flash floods and we were in a prime spot for one.  We decided to pack out some of our things and walk to the nearest phone.  By this time it was 5:30pm and it was beginning to become dark.  We began to hike and not long after it began to rain in earnest.  The track we were on turned to mud.  We were slipping and slidding everywhere and there was nothing but pitch black as far as we could see.  Eventually we came out on a little hill and saw a light ahead so we started toward it.  We took wrong turns and went miles out of our way.  We were freezing and so tired.  We walked a total of 12 miles that night.  We almost didn’t make it.  Emily has a bad hip and there was a time when she thought she might not be able to go on.  We told stories and sang songs.  Anything to keep each other going. 

There is no way to get across just how scary this was.  We were at a desert lake in November right after Thanksgiving.  It was a Sunday afternnoon so everyone had already gone home.  It was raining.  Lake Alamo is about 25 miles from the nearest town.  There aren’t any lights or streets nothing.  There are mountain lions, coyotes, wild donkeys, and snakes.  Our flashlights were running out of batteries.  And we were all alone. 

At about 2:30 am we made it to a small gypsy settlement about five miles from the lake hopping that there was someone who could help, who had a phone.  There was one light on.  An old man who lived there alone all year with his dog, had gotten up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  He was to be our rescuer.  We knocked on the door and he answered it with a gun.  We almost passed out then and there.  We explained the situation to him and he told us that the nearest phone was at the lake.  He offered to take us to the lake in his truck.  We accepted gratfully.  When we got there we called home and found out that the highway patrole had already been called out and then our fathers had tired of waiting  so they hopped in their truck and started out.  Luckily we got ahold of them in time for them to go home and get the equitment we needed to pull the truck out.  

We then went back to the showers and took the hotest soapless showers we could and changed into the clean clothes that we had brought along.  We then feel asleep on the bathroom floor.  At about 4:30am our fathers showed up and drove us back to the truck.  They looked around and said we were crazy for going down the road in the first place.  I tried to tell them it had looked a bit different in the daytime, but they wouldn’t hear it.  They did say that they couldn’t see anything else we could have done to get out to quote they said we had dug the grand canyon in the sand.

Anyway they dug us out and we started to drive away.  We got just clear of the dirt track and out onto the dirt roads and the alternator in Emily’s dad’s truck froze.  We ended up all piling into Emily’s truck.  My dad driving me in the middle Emily next to the door and her dad and dog bundled in the bed of the truck.  Looking back I feel so bad.  Can you imagine how much they had been through and how tired they must be?  My dad kept rolling down the drivers’ side window to stay awake since we had the heater on because we were so cold.  We got back home at 8am and my dad went to work and Emily’s dad called in sick so he could take his wife and go back to fix the truck. 

So there you have it the infamous Lake Alamo trip.  We still get made fun of.  People still say “Remember the Alamo.”  whenever we plan a new trip.  Hope you all have a great night.  Hope you enjoyed this really long story.                                              

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  1. Remember the alamo, lol.  I’ll tell you one that I got nicknamed after. Although the nick name does not quite fit, but my great aunt thinks its hilarious. I was a freshman in High School, my favorite color was black.  My brother who was supposed to be going to college was asleep in the basement and I had forgotten my house key.  I pulled the picnic table over to my bedroom window, climbed up, opened the window (had done this before a dozen times), slid through.  I was in the kitchen getting a pop when I saw two policeman run by the bay window.  I though oh great now what did my brother do. I went down stairs told my brother that the police where there and started yelling at him for “something he did”.  Pretty soon a knock at the front door, my brother panicked.  As my brother hid behind the front door in his underwear, I opened it.  Four policeman staring at me.  Calmly they said, “Is everything okay?”. I said yep.  The police man asked “And what is your name”.  I said Dana. They all looked at each other and said “Oh it’s butch’s daughter” (my dad worked for the City), explained that as I was going through my window a cop drove by all he saw was black pants and shoes and thought it was a break in.  My dad got teased at work about it.  My aunt started “flasher”, and i still get called it today. I tried explaining to my Aunt what a real flasher was…but I still get called it.

  2. You really ought to be printing these stories out.This one gets funnier every time I hear it! Mental Image locked and loaded. REMEMBER THE ALAMO COURTNEY!!!! ha ha ha ha ha No Umbala yet I see. Hummmmm love you , Me

  3. Hey babe.  It looks like I can get on and comment from the comforts of my very own government office.  Now I can post my day as it happens.  Love ya.  I’ll see you when I get home. 

  4. Hey girl,  sorry I didn’t read the whole post.  I’m exhausted tonight.  I had a really bad morning, which turned out to be good in the end but, going through it was one of the most horrible times of my life.  So I will read Chapter 9 later..Hope you are well..
    *hugs* kritti  

  5. You have had some real adventures girl. At least everything turned out okay. You and hubby are looking great. Good job.

  6. thats a great memory.  isnt it amazing how things happen and you find a friend for life.  you have been thru so much together.  i love the way your family came to find you too. 

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