Hey everyone,  look   HERE   to see pictures of my husband.  He has lost a ton of weight!  Scrawny 2  The pictures on the left were taken just after he came home and the ones on the right were from yesterday.  We have just replaced sugar with splenda and he eats less of this  Burger 2 and theseFrench Fries and this  Pizza Pie and more of this  Salad and of course  Pineapple  and  Broccoli because of me.  He told me this morning that he feels great.  Not as tired and he has a ton more energy.   Body Builder  

Oh yeah and Eight?  He told me this morning that we are double locking  Lock the doors and windows and he is going to retrain Gandalf to be an attack dog German Shepard  since you are coming to steal his new baby the TV.

I promise I will write about the Alamo later.  Take care everyone and thank you so much for your comments and compliments. 


PS I guess I never signed my name until the other day because I have gotten three or four comments on my name being Courtney.  Sorry guys.  Yep my name is Courtney Marissa. 

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  1. Way to go on his weight loss Its Ann, I think I subscibed to your site before I moved to my new xanga. So if you don’t mind, I am going to subscribe again

  2. You both should be so proud of each other….I’m sure you were already though! You both look really great….have fun….I’m sure that all this energy will really “spice” things up for ya! ha ha  Take care!

  3. haha locks are no match for me!!!  and just as an fyi cuz i tell everyone this now that i know is not eating sugar – the “fake” sugar is worse for you becuz somehow whatever it is that they use our bodies can’t break it down and has no clue what to do with it so it ends up storing somewhere and can be dangerous later on in life.  real sugar is better, jus cant eat so much of it. i dont eat or drink nuthin that says sugar free.  i jus wanted you to know and be safe and healthy and all that other good stuff! =P  cya later when i come in to take the TV

  4. yeah i know what the doctors say but there’s alot they don’t say. my mom is into natural health food stores and they’ve given books about that kinda stuff and splenda. i wish i could remember the name of a book i read last year..it was christian based and talked about all this.  but anywho, no prob! i dont mean to get ya annoyed or anything, sorry

  5. Hey sweetie.Well, the only way your able to have the left module is when you pay for premium, I know it sucks. I am sorry I am not able to help you with that.You might want to check out http://www.createblog.comThey have some scripts for xanga user that you might be able to add to your site without paying premium

  6. Alright. In the old post, you go and click on your comment area. To where you can read the comments on that pecific page.Than you copy the link.title hereHope this helps. Let me know if you need help

  7. < a href=”link here”>title here< /a>And make sure you get rid of the spaces between the <> I did that so it worked.

  8. hello! i was looking at your hubbys page and i was wondering where you guys got the big shelf to go around your tv? we want to get one similar for ours. thanks! 🙂

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