As I promised this will be an update post.  Just to ease your minds first.  No my husband is not going back to Qatar he is just going back on duty.    He was given two weeks rest and relaxation leave for his TDY and then two weeks convelesant leave because of my surgery.  He is just going back to regular old work.  Camouflage   He is actually really ready to go and is pretty excited to see all the guys again.  Sorry about that I didn’t mean to scare you guys.  Trust me if he was going back overseas you guys would hear about it at length because I would be going absolutely stark raving mad!   Sobbing 

Okay so now on to the update.  I am doing really well.  I am not on the liquid diet anymore but I am still on pureed foods.  The pureed foods are not as bad as they sound though.  It includes, meatloaf, tuna salad, chicken salad, salmon, vegtable sauces,  Apple 2  sauce, baked beans Beans , refried beans, scrambled eggs, and so on.  Not the best of foods but deffinatly not the  Broccoli  and  Peas  baby food I was thinking it might be.  Oh and just to answer your question silvernicks,  I can eat 1/2 a cup of solid food or 6 oz of liquid at a time but it has to take 1/2 an hour to eat it and that is forever.

I have lost a total of about 40 pounds and I have more energy than I have had for a really long time.  I have done a little bit of gardening Gardening  and some common housework   wich I must say is much more enjoyable now. Vacuuming Although sitting for a long period of time is uncomfortable and even painful at times so I am not looking forward to going back to work soon.  I have also been cooking like crazy.    Cooking Dinner I always liked to cook but now it is almost the thing I look forward to the most.  It has become a challange.  I have to cook things that are more healthy and more for one person and some leftovers.  I am having a blast and Ryan has lost 25 pounds and a pant size!

All in all I have to say this is the best thing I could have possibly done for my life.  God has truely given me a blessing in this surgery.  I am really happy and very excited.  I feel as if I have been given a miricle and a chance to start fresh.  I can’t wait to walk and not be tired, to be able to sit on my husbands lap again Kiss On The Hand , to be a mom, to feel like a person and not an outsider.  This had been an amazing blessing. 

So without further ado, here are the pictures!

I have to tell you I was shocked when I compared these pics.  I did not realize how big of a defference there was!
Sorry guys the above pics are not the same size.  I could stretch the after to make it look the same size but then it kind of defeats the purpose.

Yesterday in the mountains was a blast.  I’m still really mad that I forgot my camera though.  The mountains were beautiful and the air was so crisp.  We took the dogs Road Trip  which was a hoot especially since Autie Angel took her Sammy.  They all get along just fine they are all just a little excitable.  We walked them around the campground wich was a lot of fun.  Walking The Dog Male  It was funny though Gandalf my 110 pound newfoundland mix tired out before I did.  I have to say that was a little exciting.  But of course when a jeep went by he took off after it and I ended up jogging for my life for about 50 feet.  Almost killed me so much for him being pooped! 

Ryan went hiking with my cousin Lucas, Autie Angels 10 year old boy, and they had a barrel of laughs.  It was so funny they were gone a little longer than we had anticipated so Gandalf and I set out to look for them.  I could hear them before I could see them or they could see me.  All I could hear was Lucas telling Ryan every detail of one of The Lord of the Ring games Vidiots .  I assume it was the Two Towers as that is both of their favorites.  It was really cute actually.  Then they come around the bend and Lucas pauses to show Ryan one of Legolas’s kill moves with a stick!

Basically we just sat around a campfire talking and laughing.   Camp Fire We had a great time.  In March we are all going to do it again up at Lake Alamo so I swear I will bring my camera then.  That remindes me I need to tell you all my story about Lake Alamo.  It is legand in my family.  Every time Emily and I even think about going camping my whole family says “I don’t know Courtney, Remember the Alamo.”   

Hope all of you are doing well.  Thank you for all of your comments.  I am so sorry I seem to have been missing some people and I promise you it was not intentional.   Crying 1 I have gone back to some of your sites and seen things I have read and sworn that I had commented but, no comment. Scared 1  I will try to be better about it.  Thank you all so much for your support.  Talk to you later.



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  1. Wow you look great! Im glad you had fun in the mountains. I never knew your name was Courtney or maybe I just dont pay attention lol. Dont worry about not commenting like I said I update to much lol : laugh :

  2. Wow BIG difference in the face shot! 40 pounds, go you!  House cleaning also burns a lot of calories, if i can remember vacuuming burns the most I think.  They say half an hour of housecleaning is good exercise.  I vacuum constantly because of the boys, but hey if it burns more calories im all for it.  Only 101 to go, im so excited for you. So you have lost almost 1/3 of the weight already!

  3. WOW!  That is all I can think of..I cannot believe the difference!  : blink : 
    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately either..I don’t know why, but getting on xanga seems like more of a chore then something fun this week..Hopefully that passes soon..I guess when you have no life, you have nothing to post! : rolleyes :
    Well I’m so happy for you..You are doing great!
    *hugs* kritti

  4. You look absolutely beautiful! But…you did to begin with so… hee hee….anyway…WAY TO GO!!!!! Your surgery was right around Christmas right? So, you are down 40 lbs. I am comparing my weight loss with yours….I started at the New year and in two weeks I know I lost 5 lbs but I am not sure where I am at now. I know you are WAY ahead of me! But I am trying to take it slow and not burn myself out with it. I am so proud of you! I am glad you have gotten so much energy again…that is such a wonderful feeling, huh? You take care!…oh yeah…your hubby looks great too!

  5. Okay, trying to figure out why your site is so wide. Maybe it’s just me,I have trouble with both your’s and Ryans now. Anyway, I told you there was a big difference, see? Love you ..Me

  6. your name is courtney? Thats my sisters name.. anyways im doin much better and yeah we had a blast at the march it was soo fun but that song on my page is gonna be mike ands my wedding song anyways im out for now love ya 🙂

  7. Girl you look awesome. You were beutiful before but you look so much happier now. Good for you.I’m so happy for you. Now what about the alamo?

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