Okay everyone; here is the story post I promised.


My Story Chapter 8: The Perfect Date


In October of 1999, just a few weeks after Ryan and I started dating we took a day trip to the White Mountains, which are about 3 ½ hours northeast of Phoenix.  In those mountains about 5 miles west of Big Lake there is a small secluded meadow that has a campsite on either end of it.  I discovered this meadow with my best friend, Emily, when I was about 16.  We started going there for about two weeks a year every year after that.


This little meadow is about 2 acres of grass and wildflowers tucked back into a very dense stand of blue spruce, oak, and pine.  A little stream runs through it and in May it is blanketed in wild Iris flowers.  The air is clean, fresh, and so crisp it takes your breath away.  It is a wonderful place.When Emma and I first found this meadow we used to lie on our backs in the grass watching clouds and daydream about having our weddings there and then later camping with our families on either side of the meadow.  It was our own little getaway our own little slice of heaven.


So when Ryan and I started dating I decided that this was a place I wanted to share with him.  I wanted him to see this place that I had dreamed in and prayed in.  I wanted him to feel the magic of it.  It did not quite work out that way.


He picked me up early, about 6am, and we made it there by about 10:30am.  We drove around the lake and enjoyed the scenery.Then we drove back into the meadow.  I think Ryan liked it as soon as he saw it.  Of course it was fall so no flowers but the colors were beautiful. 



It was a dream come true for two city kids who were tired of the hustle and bustle.  We unpacked the truck, (some camp chairs, food, and firewood.) then we built a fire and settled in to have lunch and warm up.


We sat by the fire for a few hours talking and daydreaming.  What would it be like to have a place like this?  To raise a family in a place where you are more likely to see a deer than a car. 



We would build a two story farmhouse with five bedrooms and a wrap around balcony and porch. We would be able to sit out and watch the sunrise and sunset and just soak up the quiet, the peace, and the sun.  Oh well that is not in our cards but it was a lovely daydream.



We walked hand in hand along all the little trails and explored the meadow all afternoon.  We talked about everything and nothing and became so much closer.  It’s funny looking back on it, not a year before I was there with Emily and I went off into the field myself to pray.  I rededicated my life to God and gave up trying to make my life into something.  I gave it all up to him to make something of it.I told God that I would trust him to bring the right man into my life.  Less than a year later here I was walking through this place with the man I would marry.


It was the perfect day.  The perfect date.  At least until it started to get dark.


I suddenly started to feel as if we were being watched and like the woods were suddenly crowded.  I began to feel really skittish.I turned to Ryan realizing that it had suddenly become very quiet, and started to talk at the same time he did.  We both said at the same time, “I think we should leave.”  That was the straw that broke the camels back, we were freaked.  We packed up and I drove out since I knew the roads better than Ryan.


We were driving out on dirt roads that were suddenly so dark that the headlights on high beam were barely cutting it back to the edges of the trees.  That in itself was frightening as it was only 5pm.  We both started to feel a very real sense of urgency.  We had to get out of those woods.



Suddenly I looked up and saw clear as day two little boys running across the road.  One on a bike and the other running beside him.  I slammed on the brakes at the same time Ryan yelled “STOP!”  It didn’t make sense, they were crossing the road in the dark from one dense patch of woods to another.Ryan said, “What’s going on?  Something is not right.”  Just then the little boy that was running turned and looked at us.  His eyes were flat and cold and he started to laugh.  Then they were gone.  No I don’t mean they made the woods, they were just gone.  Needless to say I hit the gas, HARD!!!!!!!!


We started praying as hard as we could and drove. We were out of the woods and on a highway about 30 minutes later and the urgency began to let up.  We also realized that as dark as it had been, out here on the road it wasn’t dark.  It was just barely sunset.  We drove straight home without stopping.  I have never had another experience like that, and I don’t care to.


This was one of the strangest and scariest experiences we have ever had together, or apart for that matter.  I don’t know what happened and I don’t know what would have happened if we had stayed, I just know that we had to leave.  We have been back a few times since and it is still a beautiful place, but it has never been quite the same.


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  1. Have you been back there and stayed until sunset again? *shiver*.  I probably would not go back, I get spooked pretty easily.  :crazy: Thanks for your comment, it was not working earilier, i was going crazy.

  2. girl you are lucky i wasn’t reading that at night before i go to bed!!! it’s 7:30 in the morning and i have goose bumps and i’m freaked out. lol  geez!!!!  i prolly would have been the one crying while you two were praying lol..that’s horrible, ew, ahh….no little boys laughing in pitch dark and disapearing would ever help me out in any situation! haha..ah…ok…whew…ok im better.

  3. YEAH….DEFINITE goosebumps here!! I LOVE hearing stories like that….I just don’t care to be where stuff like that is happening! I am fascinated with ghosts and “the other side” and all that kind of stuff. Don’t know why….it is just interesting I guess. The past few weeks we have had some wierd stuff happening in this house that I had not noticed before. I STILL love your music!! (It would be great for a big old haunted house! LOL)

  4. Hey when that pops up it is ok!! It is a code that I put in for my site. My boyfriend was messing around and found all these different codes and that is one of them. Don’t worry it isnt contaminated at all!!!

  5. woohoo! I heard from you! thank you for leaving that comment. i was upset and im going to the ball. i couldnt NOT go or michael would never let me hear the last of it. i love him..its just gotten so hard trying to deal with my weight and i hate shopping and looking at myself..i feel gross. but..i havent talked to michael in 3 days because hes been at another barrack in washington, his phone was cut off and he has all day duty again. this really stinks and it feels worse than it was when he was in iraq. im so frustrated and missing him!!!

  6. hahah, it’s a good song!! i hum it all the time. it’s by Blink182 and it’s called I Miss You….hey how are YOU doing? lost anymore weight? how much are you able to eat now? still on liquids or what?

  7. that’s sooo awesome!!!  and u naming all those foods off u can eat just made me hungry for lunch lol.  i’m trying to get an update from a coworker that had the surgery after thanksgiving..but the coworker i’m asking to get info about is acting like a 12 yr old and wont tell me! so whatever! haha anyways..
    yeah alyson is working wednesdays at a salon where my sister works! and she has been babysitting for that woman..twice so far. she’s seeing if she can get a for sure day each week. cuz the lady pays $10 an hr for 5 hrs! so praise God for all that! her and i feel more comfortable knowing that she’ll have some for sure money to pay her car payments and stuff like that. at least until we get married then the extra money i got from my raise will go toward her car payments..freakin $240 a month!! ugh. lol but thank God for the raise to cover that in the future months!
    ok i’m done writing a whole new post under your post as a comment! lol! 

  8. The hair on my arms is standing straight up as I type, and it is quite an uncomfortable feeling! Wew, I’m sorry, but I would not have gone back. There’s a big difference between, “Keith rolling the ball across the floor”, and “children of the corn”.That there is sum evil doings baby girl.Hi, yeap, the Devil attacked me again last night, had me really doubting myself, even had me doubting us. I should know better, honestly I should. Just pray a little prayer for your old Auntie.And be my friend. Love you sweetie pie. Me

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