Hey everyone,
Matt and Debbie just came over tonight for dinner and so we could see our neice Macie.  Just thought you all would like to see some new pictures of her.  She is so cute!  Sorry they are not the best pics but I didn’t want to take a bunch of pictures with the flash and it was too dark without.  Talk to you all soon.

She looks so confused.  Isn’t she small compared to his hands?

They both look so tired. 


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  1. So adorable!! I love babies!!! I’m glad everything is going wonderful with your surgery and wanted to tell you that I think you look amazing and I can’t wait to hear news of you joining the motherhood club!!! Best wishes -Michelle

  2. Yep, I remember those sleepless nights and unbearably long days. And I’ve got the pictures to prove it! I think those same dark circles lived under my eyes for the first 6 months. Hi Macie, can’t wait to meet you ! Me thinking of doing a protected post about the main topic of our conversation tonight. Want some input? Call me…Loving you…Me

  3. Hey girl! We fly out tonight..I’ll be glad to be home and see my animals again lol..And I miss reading about everyones daily adventures! I will catch up on posts tomorrow, as it is a 3 hour drive from the airport and I won’t be getting in till after midnight..So, I’ll talk to you soon! Hope you are doing great!!!*hugs* kritti

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