Hey everyone I’m going to get on here a little later and write a real post.  Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while.  I have been really busy with everything.  My new niece, helping my hubby rebuild our entertainment center (long story see here for details  Boxing )  Hope everyone is doing really good.  I tried to get to everyone’s sites to comment.  I’ll be back soon I promise.  I just have to help hubby finish getting all the Christmas stuff put away.  Xmas Lights 


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  1. Thanks for the comments. Ive missed you!! Thats a good idea to do something constructive..usually I just worry and worry and drive myself crazy lol. Well hope your doing good. ttyl!

  2. Hey there!! Good seeing that you posted!! The entertainment center pics look very nice!! You know…I absolutely LOVE the music on your site….what is it from? Is it through Xanga music? Talk to you later!

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