Okay as was suggested I am going to do a post everyonce in a while.  That has my two original pictures and a recent picture to show the weight loss.  Probably every couple of weeks.  So here is my first.  I know the difference isn’t huge but it is only a week apart.  Talk to you all later.  Have a good night.

This is before but farther away and this is after.

This is before and the second is after.  Not much but something for only a week.

                                        Body Builder 


11 thoughts on “

  1. What do you mean “not much”.Anything is great. I think you are doing a great job.I would never have made it thru the liquid diet. :biggrin: I can see a difference especially thru the face. Good for you. :w00t:

  2. I can see the difference in your face shot, way to go! I love how you personalized your tickers down below.  Im sliming down, and its so exciting, by summer ill be in the cute stuff that i have not been able to wear in almost four years!.  Macie is darling….any hair?

  3. Like everyone else has said, I can see the biggest difference in your face.  But even overall you look great!   :thumbsup:
    Congrats Aunt Courtney!  Macie is so innocent looking…..very sweet pictures of her and her Mommy.  That’ll be you as the Mommy sooner than you think!

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