Sorry guys I guess I didn’t say.  This is my cousin and his wifes first child.  He is the only ‘brother’ I ever had and my husband and he are best friends.  We have the honorary title of Aunt Courtney and Uncle Ryan so Macie is our niece.  So excited.


NAME: Macie Elizabeth

BORN:  January 5, 2005 2:14pm

WEIGHT:  7 pounds 6 ounces

LENGTH: 20 inches

APGAR SCORE: 9.9 out of 10

Sorry it’s a little blurry no flash in the room.  I will post more later but I just wanted everyone to know that through car accident and all Macie made it into this world healthy and happy.  Thank you all for your prayers.


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  1. Hey girly!!  Omg, sorry its been so long!  I’m glad to see you are doing so well after your surgery!!  When do you get to eat solids again?  When I was 21 I got my tonsils out and couldn’t eat ANYTHING..It was horrrrrrrible, I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks..So I somewhat know how you feel..I was so hungry I’d just sit and cry lol.. :crazy:
    By the way, you look terrific and I can see the difference in your pics!  Congratulations!!  And yay for the snow!  Its been raining here for like 3 days straight now  😡  All of it could be snow!!  *insert cuss word*  hehe..
    Hope to hear from you soon!!  *hugs* kritti

  2. Hi Macie, welcome to the family! I’m not sure what relation we would be, if any, but your family none the less. And already soooo loved. Hi C.B., Love from us’s to you’s. Auntie

  3. Babies are so sweet, I can’t wait to welcome mine into the world. That whole taking a book thing is a good idea I never thought about that, I know they have to go menu’s too but that kinda defeats the purpose of getting out of the house. I hope that you’re feeling well.

  4. Congrats!
    I just dont know what the Military is doing with the Camo patterns. It may do good in the labs but in the field it stands out like no other. I have seen the Air Force uniforms as well. Insane. But hey, what can we do.

  5. That is one adorable baby…congrats to your cousin and you for being an aunty!  Still dont have my computer up and running and I am missing it.  However you have been in my thoughts, and prayers, and I am missing our little messages here…just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you.  Hope to be back up and running soon…

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