Guess I should have made sure to stress that this was before my surgery so no damage and I actually didn’t hurt myself.  Apparently slidding into home was the ‘safe’ thing to do.  Sorry guys didn’t mean to worry you.  Hope everyone is having a great day.

Hello everyone,
I am finally back from outer space.  I am doing really well after I got my drain out today.  I fell like a different person.  I can almost smell the new beginning that this year and this surgery are already starting to bring me.  I don’t think I have ever started a new year with more opptomism and hope.  I feel as if God has granted me a second chance and I am grabbing it with both hands and no inhabitions.  Thank you all for being here for me during this period in my life.  I am so thankful that I have had all of you here with me through all of this.  Thank you all for your comments and your thoughts and prayers.  There is no way for me to express to you how much it has meant to me.  You guys are the best. 

Now I’m going to tell a quick story that happened before the surgery and I just did not have time to post it but it is way to funny to pass up.  Hope it gives you all a laugh.

On the Tuesday before my surgery my husband and I decided to give up a little of our time together to spend it with my cousin and his wife just in case they had the baby before we could come and visit.  Anyway, boys and girls split up and her and I went to go do some last minute shopping.  After a few hours of shopping we decided we were hungry so she got some mexican food and then she drove me to Mimi’s which has this french onion soup that I love above all things.  Mmmmm.  (As you may remember I was on a liquid diet at this point so the broth sounded like heaven after protein shakes and water.) 

So she pulls up to a curb to let me out and I got out shut the door, turned and tripped over the curb.  I did not fall I started to run at an almost horizontal angle trying to regain my balance.  And of course I started to laugh loudly.  Which means everyone in the vicinity was watching. 

After about six feet of this I realized I was going down one way or another so I decided the best thing to do was slide.  I threw out my arms (and with them my purse) and literally jumped like I was going into home base.  I slid about five feet after hitting the ground wich is a long way on concrete.  Rough concrete at that.  I just started to belly laugh.  All the people around me ran over to make sure I was okay and all I could think was too bad no one yelled “SAFE”. 

Okay so there you go yet another very embarassing moment from my oh so clumsy life.  Hope this gave you all a laugh and I look forward to talking to all of you soon.  Take care of yourselves.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  ‘May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you.’

“31 But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength,  they shall mount up with wings like eagles,  they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31


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  1. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself so badly on the fall. And the scripture is lovely. It goes with about everything I’m dealing with right now in my life.
    -Gia 🙂
    Glad to see you’re doing better.

  2. I hope you didn’t get hurt. At least you kept the humor there. I am so glad you are doing so well. I’ll admit I was a little worried. Your attitude is great.

  3. i’m sooooo glad you’re back!  Glad you’re feeling better too!  Great story… its good that you can laugh at yourself… I probably would have turned bright red and ran away.  Hope 2005 is a great year for you… and i’m sure it will be! ~hugs~ Des

  4. Glad to see you back and is such great sprits!  ((HUGS)).  What a great way to start a new year…with a wonderful start and your husband at your side.  You take care and take it easy!

  5. Your back! I have been watching your tickers down below.  I myself have lost weight, feels so good to get into things i have not been able to in the last three years (since alex). 

  6. Good to hear you in such good spirits.  Those drains are miserable; I always feel bad for the patients who have to have them.  Glad you got yours out!!
    -Liz  (I’m in nurse mode as you can read, lol, )

  7. What a great story! I am glad your doing well. I have been trying to keep up with your progress. Losing weight is such a hard thing to do…I am working on it right now too but not in the same way you did. Good luck to you and best wishes!

  8. ROFLMBO..I honestly don’t know which mental image is funnier. You falling on your face, or your Uncle Roberts face as you told this story on New Years Eve! Safe!!! LOL You are the funniest C.B. there ever was. Love you bunches and bunches, soooo glad your back, and doing better. So, did they dope you? Auntie

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