I just wanted to thank you all for your overwhelming support for my husband.  He so appreciated the comments you all left on his site.  I’m sure he would come and tell you himself if I ever got off the compurter and let him.  I promise I will soon. 

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas I can’t believe it is here already!!!!   Everyone take care and be safe.  Thank you for your friendship through all of this.  I  look forward to many good times with you too.  I am overwhelmed that putting together something as simple as a web journal could have drawn me so much closer to the people that were already in my life but also to bring me friends that support me through thick and thin (although thin is yet to come)  I am so thankful.  May God bless you and be with you all.


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  1. I hope you have a wonderul christmas!!! Remember to keep your head up during your recovery. It may seem like it won’t get any better but let me tell you it only gets better.

  2. Merry Christmas and I am sure your surgery will go well!  This nerdy nurse will be thinking about you.
    Good Luck with everything.  I’m glad your husband is there to spend Christmas with you. 
    Love, Liz   :wave:

  3. Hey Lady its all good, I wanted a new one so the drama would just end and some people couldnt read my entries so its all good now anyways Merry christmas and have a good one love ya!

  4. Hope you had a great Christmas. I’m sure your surgery will go very well. Good luck and we will miss you  while you’re recovering. I’ll check hubbies and Angels site for updates.  šŸ™‚

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