Today was my first day of the preop liquid diet, and I am so hungry!  Anyway.  I am getting so excited, my husband is coming home tomorrow, although we shall see if he actually gets to come here tomorrow.  He will be in Virginia tomorrow morning but there is a possibility they will keep him there overnight and won’t send him here until Wednesday.  I’m praying this is not the case as my last appointment with my surgeon is on Wednesday and I would love to have him here for it.

A really terrible thing happened last night.  My husband called and told me that the guys threw him a going away party as he was the supervisor over there.  While he was at the party someone broke into his room and stole his cd’s and half of the Christmas gifts for our family.  Of course it was the jewlry so it set us back about 80 bucks.  So I had to give him more money.   This is really unfortunate as the only money we had was the money he asked me to set aside so he could buy gifts for me when he came home.  Oh well.  I will have him.  That is gift enough.

Okay so I guess I should tell my haunted house story since I put out the teaser.  So here you go.

My Story Chapter 6: Uninvited Guest

So we moved into the townhouse  in February of 2001.  It was a beautiful little place.  It was two story with a fire place and a little backyard.  It had two bedrooms and three bathrooms with a little sitting area between two windows in the master bedroom upstairs that faced the street.  I really loved it there.  It was one of those places that no matter how tired I was or how sick I felt I was happy and at peace.  But it was not always that way. 

The guest room doubled as our office at the back of the house upstairs.  It was a quiet and semi dark room with a walk in closet.  The walk in closet was the problem, or at least a big part of it.  It started soon after we moved in, creaking upstairs that of course was just the house settling, thumping, things falling off the shelves in the walk in no matter how secure they were.  Worst of all waking up in the middle of the night only to find the walk in light on and the door open when we both had checked it right before going to bed.  

Every once in a while I would be going up the stairs and suddenly the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and I felt like someone was watching me.  My husband felt the same way.  We both usually ran up the stairs.  My dog would even stand at the top of the stairs at night and growl. 

Then my husband left for Saudi Arabia.   It was to be his first deployment.  My first time without him.  It was really hard for me to get through because I was still sick.  Then a few weeks in I had a dream that scared me so bad I almost packed up and left. 

In my dream I was sitting on my couch  with my back to the stairwell and I heard footsteps on the stairs.  I turned my head and there was a woman on the landing.  She was tall, about 65, thin, with her hair pulled up on top of her head. 

I said, “Excuse me, what are you doing in my house?”  She said, “I live here”  I said “No you don’t this is my house leave.”  She got really scary looking then threw back her head and laughed.  She said, “You can try to make me leave but no one has suceeeded so far.”  Then she turned and walked back up my stairs.  Needless to say I woke up in a cold sweat. 

Things got progressively worse from there.  Nothing violent just more frequent.  I must say I was really glad when my huysband came home.  As soon as he came home we prayed over the house and everything stopped.  I don’t know why I never thought to do it before then.

When I think back now I realize that that house was the only house my husband and I have every lived in that we did not have my Grandfather and the rest of the family bless. 

Okay so that’s my haunted house story and it is the most I have ever dealt with even though my house now has seen the death of a child.  There was a baby 10 months old that died here three years ago.  He died of SIDS.  Yet this house feels peaceful, happy, content, blessed.  Who could ask for more. 


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  1. i hope ur husband gets to be there tomorrow!!  that really sux about the presents being stolen…people are retarded!!!  God will fix it =) and yeh he’s comin home so thats prolly ur best present ever!!  sorry i didnt read the haunted house thing..i had my own episode and not ready to read anything scary yet lol

  2. Even though I already knew that story,it still gave me the chills. That’s just wrong!!!You know, I think you can re-install your emoticons ’cause this new bad boy is up and running!!!Yeah me, but most importantly, yeah Chuck!, cause if not for all his hard work I’d still be in the dark ages!! Don’t forget to call me in the morning when you know for sure. Loving you guts out (no pun intended!) Auntie Angel

  3. I have this problem when I read scary stories…I get chills. But they aren’t real chills. Often people say the hair on the back of their neck stood on end, but it seems like everything on my body stands on end. That is a very creep tale. I would have moved. But the first apartment my husband lived in has something strange about it. It was only one night, but I was standing in the closet and chills kept running through my body and I felt “surrounded”. All of a sudden I dropped what was in my hands and crumpled in the ground and began to sob these heart-wrenching. blood curdling sobs. I had this feeling of enormous fear unlike anything I have ever felt before and I didn’t quite know why. My husband ran in the room and grabbed me. When he grabbed me I screamed terribly. I couldn’t open my eyes and kept my hands clenched over them buse I was so terifid of wht i would see if I opened my yes. I just knw that something was there Roger had to force me on the bed and sit on top of me because I was thrashing so hard. I don’t know how long it lasted, but it seemed like forever. I could hear him saying something and as time went on I calmed a little and could tell that he was praying and readnig scripture. When I was able to stop sobbing, he asked me what I saw. My eyes had been closed the entire time, I refused to open them. I was so scared to open them, but my heart felt better. When I opened them…there was nothing there.
    I still have no idea what it was, but I’m a firm believer in Spiritual Warfare…and believe that had something to do with it. After Roger prayed over me and the house, and even called out pastors back home to pray over the phone, I was fine.
    Sorry about the long comment, but that was all that I could think of when I read your post.
    -Gia 🙂

  4. Good!, i dont blame you for being anxious. I forgot to comment on your story.
    When I first got this house (built in 1925), my oldest son just turned 3.  Never talked to himself, never had imaginary friends.  I had two friends move in with me that I grew up with.  Michael all of a sudden within a week moving here had two imaginary friends, George which he described as an older guy, and Jacob was a young boy.  They told him stuff like to make his bed, and he would talk to them ALL the time, even in the car while i was driving.  I ignored it, thought it was a phase.  Oh! they even potty trained him for me, the whole bit flushing, washing hands, etc.  That is what he told me anyways that they instructed him on how to do it.
      Then one day I could hear Michael talking but i could not find him, finally i found him in the living room behind my small fake tree in the corner. He was talking so I asked him “who are you talking to?”  He said “the witch”.  I said, “oh, what witch?”.  He said “the one that came with the house”. My one friend freaked and told michael to stop and left the room.  I just knelt down to michael and said “is she nice?”.  He said “yep, shes a nice witch”. I said “okay she can stay then”.  He quit talking to all three “friends” the next day, like it never happened.  He has no recollection of it at all today.  I feel stuff sometimes, but i just remember he told me she was nice…gets a little better after that =-)

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