Just wanted to give a quick update.  Today went well.  Too much info to store it all though.  Tomorrow is the big one.  All the poking and prodding.  They are going to do xrays and blood work and all that other good stuff.  Can we say hospital gown bad?  Or how about this one, I hope to heaven I don’t forget to shave my legs in the morning 

I’m going to be in the hospital tomorrow from 10:30am until whenever they are done.  And 45 minutes from now no more food or water for me until they are finished tomorrow. 

The next and last big appointment will be on the 22nd with my actual surgeon.   Then the big day on the 27th.  I surprisingly am not nervous.  I just want it to be here so I can get on with life.  You know?  I have spent four years at a standstill just waiting for my life to start moving forward again.  This is my new beginning.

Thank you all for your comments today and I promise I will find time to go through and read everyone, but I have to go to bed as I have to get up early.  Hope everyone has a wonderful night/day depending on when you read this.  Be careful in your travels and good luck with getting everything done on time.  May God bless you and keep you and make his face to smile upon you.


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  1. Well i hope they dont have you there a long time for the poking and prodding.  The only time i have had to be in a hospital (besides working in one for three years), was when i had preterm with both boys.  My co-worker just had her tummy tuck (because she lost soooo much from gastric bypass), big difference.

  2. you’re new beginning…it’s cool you said that. that’s what my xanga name is all about. hold up your eight! in Gen. 17 (if i remember correctly) the number 8 is a sign of a new beginning to God. one example is a baby boy is circumsized at 8 days old. soo yeah =) it was also the title of my worship CD..soo yay!  =) i’ll be praying for u today too

  3. Don’t worry about not coming by. You have a lot on your plate but your in my prayers. I hope all goes well tomorrow. Hope your husband makes in time, if he isn’t already there, and I hope he is a great support for you.
    -Gia 🙂

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