This morning is going to be my first really serious doctor’s appointment.  I go in today for about five hours of sessions with a psychiatrist (I hate that word I can not spell it, but of course I can’t spell anything so…), a nutritionist, a physical therapist, and an admissions nurse.  We will going over everything I should expect from my surgery, my hospital stay and then the first few months.  Then tomorrow is a whole day of labs and testing.  I will try to keep everyone updated but the countdown is on.  Worse comes to worse I will have my husband write updates as soon as he gets home.  Hope everone is well.  Have a great day.



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  1. You will do fine.  Actually what you wrote about Michael, i think that is exactly what he was thinking.  I take a bath naked, so why am i in shorts?  It was so funny.  Neighbors started looking over and giggling when he got out and ran to the house butt naked. My mom thinks i go overboard with pictures, but i catch everything, or try to.  I had apple sauce the other night, snack size in that little cup, and i thought about you!

  2. Hugs and kisses coming your way! Remember the falling stars? Ahhhhhh, gifts from the heavens, and they were all for you!!Okay, maybe one was for me. lol. Love you baby, praying, praying….AuntieP.S. Umbala!

  3. I hope your appointment went as well as can be expected..I’ll be praying for you..And you better have your hubby update when you can’t or I’ll be worried!!
    *hugs* kritti

  4. I hope everythign goes well and I will keep you in my prayers. Big surgeries are never fun but tey’re even harder when they change your life forever.
    -Gia ๐Ÿ™‚

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