Okay I know I said not every entry would be a story but you guys asked for it!  Actually your right if I don’t finish this story at least before Ryan comes home it may be awhile with the surgery and all.  So I hope you don’t mind but here it is……….

Oh and I was wrong.  It was 2 months of dating before we were engaged.  We had our first official date on October 3rd 1999 and were engaged on December 4th 1999.

My Story: Chapter 3: The Proposal

While Ryan and I were dating we used to do a lot of day trips.  We live in Arizona so two hours in any direction are trees and cool weather.  So we used to get up early and drive to the mountains and go creek hopping, or hiking, or just have a picnic.  Once he even picked me up at three am to drive to San Diego.  We went to the San Diego zoo, dinner on the pier, then walked hand in hand along the beach to watch the sunset.  Then we piled back in the car drove like bats out of hell across the desert and he had me home by curfew.  It was the best date I ever had!

All that to say that when you drive north on the I-17 there is rest stop about 45 minutes out called Sunset point.  It sits on a ridge above a ranch valley with a mountain range behind it.  So if you go at sunset you can see the sun setting behind the mountains and the dusky shadows creeping into the valley.  But if you go at sunrise the mountain faces catch the new day and glow in the brilliant shades of spring, deep pink, lavender, baby blue, and gold.  They are truely beautiful. 

So on the morning of December 4th we were going up north to attend my cousins wedding.  Ryan asked permission to pick me up early and drive by ourselves so we could stop and have a picnic lunch before we went on the the town she lives in.  He picked me up at about 6:15 and as always we pulled into sunset point.  He led me to this point that juts out over the valley and sat me down with the mountains at my back.  It was freezing.  He put his coat around my shoulders and asked me to close my eyes.  He said he had a gift for me.  So I closed my eyes and he said, ‘Now wait.’ 

A few moments later the sun rose, I could feel it on my face and he said, ‘Open your eyes Courtneybear.’ (which is my nickname)  He was kneeling in front of me with a ring and the sun rising over his shoulder.  He said, ‘Courtney, will you be my wife?’ 

I burst into tears said ‘Uhh Huu’ threw myself into his arms and (wait for it here is where I screw up this romantic moment)  I said ‘Now I have to get my deposit back.’  He draws up short cocks his head at me and says,  ‘What?’ 

You see we sort of picked out a ring together I just didn’t know when he was going to propose.  But he told me that when he went to buy it he didn’t qualify so we would figure something else out.  I panicked.  You have to understand that I loved this ring and it was on major sale so I ran down to the mall and put down a deposit just in case we could come up with the money.  Ooops.  He told me later that he had just told me that so he could suprise me.  Yep I was surprised.

But all this was nothing compared to how he asked my father.  He got down on one knee and said, ‘Chuck, will you be my father-in-law?’  That’s Ryan. 

So that is how we bacame engaged.  I was proposed to at a rest stop but it was perfect.  That’s just us!  Sorry I know this one was long.  Next time I will write about our wedding and our honeymoon.  Don’t worry no funny buisness.  It was the worst honeymoon ever wich makes for a great story.  See I told you no pure romance.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I’m glad that you are enjoying my story.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Here’s the ring that caused all the problems.



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  1. Your engagement ring looks just like mine! Only, when Roger gave me mine we were on a vacation with his family in Florida. He asked me if I would go for a walk with him one night and off we went. I was talking about something I can’t remember (my mouth was going a mile a minute!). Then, I realized that he wasn’t with me anymore and I turned around to find him on one knee. He had the ring box open, but I didn’t see it in the dark and ran up to him to asj him what on earth he thought he was doing. In the process, I knocked the ring out of his hand and it fell on the ground. When I realized what he was holding I gasped, and we were all on our knees looking for the ring. A lady walking her dog walked by looking at us like we had two heads when Roger found the ring, held it up, and breathlessly asked me to marry him. I felt so stupid, but I was too happy to care!
    I loved the way your husband asked your father to marry you. That is the sweetest thing!
    -Gia  🙂

  2. I think I remember that particular mad dash,was that our mad trip to the Metro? *Clear picture of Chucks face, ROFL* Wish I was a fly on that wall!  Good stories, keep ’em comin’   Love you, Auntie   :paperbag:

  3. I got asked to marry chris at Grinders Speghetti house.  He reached over the table and grabed both my hands and asked me.  You have to understand i love jokes, and everyone was staring. So i did the….shut up, na uh.  He asked me again, and i said what ever.  He said “Im gonna ask you one more time, will you marry me, and i could tell that time he was serious”.  We got married November 25, 2000. 

  4. My-sister in law whose girls are 8 and 9, she said it is due to a lot of the clothes are are out in stores. She said sometimes it is just hard to find shirts that are not midrif high, and etc. 

  5. I got proposed to while hubby was driving down the road..lol..I’ll always remember that corner where he asked me to marry him..It was like I had died and gone to Heaven..I had the biggest smile on my face..Then he pulled over in someone’s driveway so that he could kiss me!  (We were on the way home from the bus station..)  So yeah, not as romantic as everyone else’s, but its unique!! :whistling:
    *hugs* kritti

  6.  😥 thanks sooo much for the comment.  I updated it…  :saddd:
    ~hugs~ Des  (sorry I didnt read or comment sooner… but i’ll subscribe now hope you dont mind.)

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