My Story Chapter 2: Our First Kiss

Ryan and I talked on the phone for a few weeks.  Every conversation made my toes curl and gave me butterflies.  We talked for hours about evething and about nothing.  It was wonderful.

After about two weeks he finally worked up the courage to ask me on a date.  He told me that it would be fancy so I needed to dress nice.  Now for those of you who don’t know me I hate dress clothes so this was a big deal.  I spent three days looking for the perfect little black dress and I looked hot I must say.  Although it was torture.  But I was determined not to screw this one up.  (For those of you who asked my previous engagment ended due to a cheating fiance and it wasn’t me.)  So anyway I was dressed my sister did my hair, I put on makeup, lipstick (God forbid) and the black pumps of course!  He showed up in jeans. 

He took me to see Three Kings, (great movie not great date movie)  but halfway through he put his hand on my knee.  I almost lost it and he told me later it just felt natural then he realized what he was doing and took it away.  Too bad. Then he took me to Planet Hollywood for dinner.  I was so nervous I almost couldn’t eat.  Then the unthinkable happened…… We got a waiter that was uninclined to fill my water, give me my food, or even speak to me.  That’s right ladies, he hit on my date the whole night!

After that was over we went back to my parents house.  He came in and watched a movie with my family then asked me to walk him out to his car.  When we got there he asked me to go steady with him!  Can you believe it? Of course I said yes!

Two weeks later he looked deep into my eyes and leaned in to give me our first kiss.  I thought, ‘Oh my this is it!’  My face started to tingle and my nose started to twitch and then……………… I SNEEZED and blew snot all over his face.  He looked at me so startled and then started to laugh.  I thought I would die.  Needless to say no kiss that day.

About a week later he walked me out to my car and gave me a hug.  Then he pulled back a little, looked at me and…. then he kissed me.  It was a kiss right out of a fairy tale, simple, sweet, magical.  I just stood there shaking.  He let me go and my knees literaly shook.  I walked back to my car or should I say into it!  He told me later that he had seen me and almost burst out laughing but that didn’t keep him from tripping over the curb on his way in!

So there it is our first kiss.  I told you before that when we met again I knew.  Well, that night, the lights came on, the heavens proclaimed it, and the earth shook (well maybe it was just my knees.)  I had kissed other boys but I had never had my world turned upside down.

Okay enough for tonight.  That began our dating life and only one month later we were engaged….. but that is a story for another night.

How could I not fall in love with him?


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  1.  :w00t: I Love that story!!!!First I laugh, then I cry! Awwww….It gets me evey time! :wub: That’s the nature of us gals, stooopid love at first snort!! :dribble:Great comments girl, so sad and yet so, so true. Thanks for “getting” me, and as always, thanks for your support. I love you to pieces, nieces!!!   Me

  2. Thanks for the comment tonite was just amazing I Love it Im in the best mood! Anyways have a good night im soo tiried nite nite!

  3. :alien: :surrender: :devil: :smurf: :bookread: :throb: :ninja: :censoredd: :blushing: :bounce:he he he he he he he eh, sorry…he he he…. :paperbag:

  4. Hey!  Great story, I’m still laughing about you sneezing on him!!   :teehee: 
    I also had a quick engagement..I’ll have to tell you about it someday..Its a pretty long story so I’ll save it for another time.. :biggrin:
    *hugs* kritti

  5. I am so happy for you. I love to hear good love stories, but I like it even more when they are real stories. You sound like you have a wonderful husband….and now all are blessed to be able to say that. God has a wonderful way of brining the right people together and sometimes those that have deaf ears find the wrong person to share their lives with. I cannot imagine being one of those people.
    -Gia 🙂

  6. Can’t wait for the next story! This is better than a soap opera! Hmm, however, I don’t recall Luke and Laura ever having a “snot” indicent on General Hospital! :laughh:

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