Okay sorry guys.  Yep I’m going to post more pics of my house.  Just the outside.  I finished all my Christmas lights and there is no one to see them yet so you guys get the burden of looking at my blurry pics of Christmas lights sorry.  I am addicted to my new digital camera I know.  But I promise I won’t be like this forever.

Sorry they are so blurry it’s obviously night and miricle of miricles it’s raining.

That clump of white in the front left is a snowman my grandpa gave me before he died. Had to put that up.

Full front of the house from the park.

I know not my house but it was too cute to pass up


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  1. Wow, nice job on the lights. Im a picture-a-holic too.  My camera disk holds up to 300 pics, and i have filled that up three times in a year!  My boys are so darn cute at times. 

  2. The house looks great and very festive. We have no lights outside, just a little wreath on the door. One day, when I have the time or can convince my husband to do it, I’m going to put so many lights up that everyone on my block will have to wear sunglasses as they drive by! 😉
    I knew my post would cause some emotion with readers, sorry if it made you too upset, but I appreciate your husband’s service and all who fight for us, and could not let that lay untouched. Sometimes I feel like I could tie on a pair of jungle boots and go right out and fight with them I get so mad!

  3. Purty!! LOL…….I love dem Christmasy lights and such. I am a sucker for all this Christmas type love and cheer. I am so opposite the Grinch. ( a good thing, I think) We have some really nice lights in the living room, my daughter decorates and she is such a perfectionist. It’s all done in white and blue. She went to Walmart to get the blue bulbs, not any big thing right? Nope, she is taking them back because, (get this) they are the wrong color of blue. LOL….oh well…she’s a luv and a half, and it does look really nice.I am glad you liked the pepper stuff on my xanga… I am amazed at how beneficial they are, not to mention DEEE–licious.Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Love the pictures you have been posting…your home is beautiful (inside and out)…it makes me extremely jeoulus…and i think that’s why I’m always whinning about having to clean…how fun is it to clean a house you just don’t like (gotta love post housing).

  5. I’m glad that you liked the post. It’s a secret…but it is a book…it just isn’t finished yet. My unforunate lack of getting the other manuscript picked up is hindering me from seriously pouring out into this new story…but it will be finished. God will surely knock some sense into me if I don’t do the work he gave me the ability to do! 🙂

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