Sorry guys I got some better pics of my house after a little decorating so I erased the other pictures.  Some are a bit blurry since its night view but the colors are actually the one’s in my house!  So now you get to see what I mean by, I LOVE COLOR!!!!!!!!!! 

The bedspread in the actual colors.

My bedroom.

My Living room/dining room.

My family room/kitchen/dining room.

Everyone have a great day!


11 thoughts on “

  1. Your house is so pretty! Thanks for that comment you left me. Me and Steven are doing good except I cant see him till I get my license cause his car is broke but Im getting it in 11 days so not to bad I guess. I hope I dont blow snot in anyones face lol

  2. Nice house. I love your bed spread. The beginning of the year I get to start decorating. My bedrooms are so plain. But since Adam spent all our money on Christmas I have to wait. I think I am going to leave our living room walls the color they are… but our bedroom walls are going to be changed. Well have a nice weekend.

  3. I absolutely loooove  your house!  wow!  I enjoy decorating my house too..Yet one more thing we have in common lol..
    Thank you for your encouraging comment on my site the other day..I appreciate it so much, you will never know..It’s friends like you who get me through this deployment…
    *Hugs* kritti

  4. Thanks for the advice on the sour spray. I am in dire need of something. Nothing seems to work with this dog. Some one told me to spray him with water(ok now he isn’t a cat but I tried it anyways) Yeah that didn’t work he would let me spray him then attack me… lol…
    We also have this biting problem… and we have tried everything. The vet told us to hold his head till he settles down and then put him on his back and hold him there to show him who is boss. That only works half the time. Then if you smack him he thinks you are playing so he either tries to smack you back(LOL I know it is too cute to see) or just bites you more. The vet also said if he starts to bite your hands take then away…. Ok I tried that one too…. This is the picture…. He bit my hands so I raised then in the air….. then he went to my feet so I raised then in the air…. I am now on my back with my feet and hands in the air. So then he bites my stomach….. How does that work… These suggestions must be for dogs that aren’t as hard headed as mine. I think I am going to start putting him in the cage… But I hate to hear him whin… but it looks like my only hope….

  5. Thanks for the kind words on my site. You can change Marines to Air Force with anything I write. I mean for it to be for all military branches, but writing out “military man” is too much…and I’m kinda bias to Marines. 😉 But I love them all…and love those who support them! So…whenever you see Marines on my site, just pretend it says Airmen.
    -Gia  🙂

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