Hey everyone.  My husband had me take pictures of our house so I could email them to him.  He wants to show them to the guys he is working with over there.  Anyway since I was doing that I figured I might as well post a few.  Warning!  I like color a lot. 

This is part of my living/dining room.  Don’t you love my orange couch? JK

This is the new bedspread I was telling you about although the bed isn’t made properly I just threw it together to take a picture and the colors didn’t come out right.  They are much more rich than this but you get the idea.

This is my family room and my 3000 dollar couch I got for 200bucks from my MIL!!!

This is my entry way. 

Talk to you all tomorrow.  I am really going to atempt to finish as much of the front yard decorations as I can without my cousin and his ladder, and then move on to as much as the house as I can.  I may even work on Christmas cards tomorrow……. Hope you all have a good day.


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  1. This must have been before I got there today! Christmas decorations all OVER the place LOL. Actually, the outside looks really great, you should show them that too. And I know first hand that these pictures, while good, don’t do your home justice. She’s good, ya’ll, really good! Auntie Angel

  2. Your house is so cute. I love color…we have red walls! And thanks for the comment. You did a great job discribing your thoughts…have you ever thought of writing? I liked the time periods you chose. It sounds like an adventure, but something tells me if I were suddenly dropped into that time, I would never survive. Thank God for creating me when He knew I would fit in. 🙂

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