I just got word that my grandfather is out of the bypass part of his surgery and his heart has been restarted and is pumping on its own.  He has about 45 minutes of surgery left but things are looking good.  Thank you all for your prayers, I just ask that you continue to pray for a speedy recovery and I will update as I get them. 


I just got the phone call that my grandfather has come out of the surgery.  It was a sucsess!  The doctor was pleased.  He was able to repair the valves instead of replacing them and the bypass was a sucsess.  They said there was a lot of damage to his heart from all his heart attacks wich came as a suprise as we didn’t know about any!  So it was a really good thing that this happened when it did because if this had been put off until after the holidays he would have been in very real danger of having a fatal heart attack.  As my grandfather said, God holds us all in the hollow of his hand.  He knows what is best. 

He is going to have a very long recovery and it will be a very hard road,  but that he will recover to the point where he will stop having pain, bad circulation, and altitude sickness….among other things.  So we begin another journey one that I would appreciate a continuation of your prayers for, but this journey will be a celebration of a life reclaimed. 

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers through this very long day.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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