I had a weird and I have to admit kind of funny day.  I got up and was supposed to do the rest of my yardwork but I didn’t want to.  So I justified it by saying I would finish up my shopping and do the rest of the yardwork tomorrow.  HEHEHE(Everyone is saying lately that my laughter has started to sound like an evil elf….weird… so I guess that’s what this is.)  So I’m running around getting ready to leave and I’m trying to put my socks on…. I had one leg up got it caught in my pants lost my balance and did a face plant!!!!!  Thank goodness I’m well padded, I bounce, if I had been thin I think I would have broken something.  So now I’m flustered, I look around for my shoes, can’t find them so I slip on my slippers and I take out the trash get in my car and go….. I run a few errands then on my way back to my car I realize I still have my slippers on.  Not my shoes I never changed.  At this point I don’t care so I go to the grocery store and low and behold….. I FORGOT MY LIST AGAIN!!!!…..  I am so utterly flustered by this point that I jump back in my car go to Petco and buy some new fish and yes finally a sweater for my dog!!!!!  Thanks for the idea Kritijo it is red with black diamonds on the back I think it will look really good on him as he is salt and pepper..  Then I came home went to dinner with my sister and had ice cream.  All I might add while continuing to wear my slippers! Anyway just wanted to share this little adventure with you.  Hope it makes you laugh….

PS this movie was on TV and for some reason I could not turn it off.  Really weird!!! 


7 thoughts on “

  1. Oh yes, it definitely made me laugh!!  hehe..And I hate when I lose my balance while putting jeans or whatever on!!  It sucks!!  lol..
    What kind of fishies did you get?? 
    Well, I hope you have a wonderful day!!
    *hugs* kritti

  2. LoL sounds like you’ve had a day and a half in that short itme   As for the names going together…that was my big conern.  There were plenty of names I liked, that just didn’t sound right with Kade so as far as I was concernced didn’t work.

  3. HAHA!  That made me giggle.  I hate when I lose my balance doing stupid things like that!  That is hilarious that you ran errands in your slippers…lord that’s hilarious! Jess

  4. YAY!  So glad I am not crazy.  When I tell my friends that I think I want to be an archaeologist, they look at me like I have lost my mind, and then they think I want to be Laura Croft…ummm…no.  Not quite.  LOL. Though I wish I looked like her!  That Egypt vacay sounds awesome.  I have some friends that are spending the holidays in Cairo…I am so jealous! Jess

  5. Hey, no need to apologize to me, we are all entitled to some down time..Trust me, I have my days too!!  I was getting worried about you!  Glad to hear you are ok, and your computer is too!!  Hope your week has improved some girly!!
    *hugs* kritti

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