It is so sad. I just spent an evening with one of the couples my husband and I spend a lot of time with.  We consider them some of our best friends. I just got home a few minutes ago. But it sucks because spending time with them makes me sad now.  Them together makes it glaringly obvious that we aren’t.  And that is nothing agaist them at all.  I am just alone now and with them we were always togeter.

I love spending time with them though and wouldn’t give it up for the world but I think me being alone make them sad too.  The mister just looks at me, at my husbands car, at my husbands raquetball raquet in the trunk, and his face falls. I make a joke or laugh like my husband (wich happens when your married for awhile) and all three of us sigh and say ‘I miss Ryan’.  I guess I should expect things like that though, someone who is so loved is going to effect all the things around me.  He leaves gapping holes everywhere. 

And you know I guess it really is everywhere because tonight when I came home, the dogs ran into the garage and looked at the car like they thought daddy was in the car.  I think it was because there was a guy talking on the radio when I shut the car off.  Then they sat at the garage door and waited for about 15 minutes.  (((SIGH)))

Sorry everyone, as I am sure you have figured out I am having a very melencholy <-sp? couple of days.  Love you all talk to you later.


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  1. Hey you,    Sniff, sniff, missing Ryan too. 2 months? Can’t we do something about speeding that up?? No? Crap! Sniff, sniff, Sigh…                                             Me

  2. I, too, have a husband in the Middle East..I’m so sorry for the way your feeling..I know that feeling all to well myself..sigh..I wish I had words to console you with, but all I can say is, I will be praying for you and your husband..God Bless…

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