Oh my gosh I’m laughing so hard I’m going to pee my pants. As you all know my husband in in the middle east. Well, before he left he asked me to go into his yahoo once and awhile and empty his bulk mail and sift his inbox so he didn’t have a locked account when he came home.  I just remembered!! I haven’t done it since he left!!!! So I go in there today and there is this email from shawnasdestiny2 and I get curious.  You see my husbands exfiance is named Shawna.  So I read it then I replied.  Here it is in full…..

She wrote…..

Ryan it’s Shawna.  I know it has been a very long time since we talked.. If you want to talk to me please email me back.
Shawna C.

So I replied……

This is Ryan’s wife, Ryan is on Al Udied Air force base in Doha, Qatar for six months and will not be able to reply to you.  I empty his email every couple of months and just found yours.
Courtney M. Laube

This is hilarious. I thought I was being all nice and polite as I had to choke back the urge to tell her off for even writting, since when we were first married she tracked him down and told him that the father of her baby, the man she cheated on him with, was being mean to her and she missed him and wanted to know if he missed her and couldn’t they just be a family….He says Shawn I’m married…She says I know but you haven’t been married that long.  Turns out she had called one of his old friends to find out about me and get our phone number.  But I thought I might as well be civil you know rise above her and all that rot.  Then I went back to print it so I could show his mom and I started cracking up.  I don’t think I was as nice as I had hoped!…..What do you think?


3 thoughts on “

  1. Who needs nice,Kick her butt!!!!!Need some help???? I’ll hold her down while you…you get the picture!!!
                                   Auntie Angel

  2. I pressed submit before I was done. Thanks for stopping by my site. As  you probably read, I sure do get frustrated sometimes. Not all the time, though.
    An “online friend” of my husbands used to write to him all the time and flirt, and she even tracked me down online and tried to cause trouble with the two of us. I hate that shit. I also hate to say how much she did piss me off, like I didn’t want it to bother me. I dont see a person as any sort of friend if they really want to cause that much shit. This “friend” of his and him, they dont talk anymore..  just a few days ago she did write to him. Ugh.

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