I have just had a really weird day.  I cleaned all day and then the Hobbs’ took me out to dinner for my birthday.  But I spent all day in a panic.  And your not going to believe why!

I spent my day freaking out that I was going to go blind!!

I was looking around my house and I realized that I love my house. I love my colors I love the way my furniture is laid out,  everything about it makes me happy and content.  I love to decorate to change things around for the seasons.  Or sometimes just to sit and look around and think this is my place. 

Well today I was looking around and I realized that if I was blind it would not matter what color my house was painted just what it smelled like, or how the funiture was arranged as long as I knew where everything was, or whether I had table arrangements cause I would probably just break things.  And then I started to panic.

I started to think how easily a person could be blinded.  The eye is such a delicate thing.  Or there is my pseudo tumor cerebri.  It could blind me by the time I am in my 30’s without treatment.  And no matter how much you are told your whole life that people live very full lives without sight,  I could not help thinking could I ever be whole again? 

Tell me isn’t that the weirdest thing to spend a day being paranoid about?


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  1. Guffaw,Chortle! I totally know how you feel fellow psycho! I’ve had wierd thoughts that I wondered about way to often…but shhhhh! Don’t tell, the bad men will take us away! It’s so true though, you can be blinded so easily! Just look at Alfred hitchcock’s The Birds! I feel the incescent(sp) need to cover my eyes now. Need to run need hands free!!!!!

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